It was a dull day. Link was in Hyrule castle, today, as a regular guard, not as the princess's bodyguard. About 5 years ago, he took a liking to Princess Zelda. It had grown stronger over the years. On his patrol route, Link passed by is younger brother, Linken; who was somehow able to be a magician, despite the fact that no one in his family, ever, had been a mage. Linken said he was able to do it by using a book called The Non-Magician's Guide to Complete Wizardry.

Link ducked under the incoming blow, then immediately swung Master Sword at Ganondorf, killing him. Link ran over the Ganondorf's keychain, and picked up the cage key. He unlocked Zelda's cage. "Thank you Link, thank you so much!" Said Zelda, she then kissed him. "Your welcome." said Link. "For what?" asked Zelda. "What?" Link exclaimed, snapping out of his daydream. "You said 'Your welcome', for what?" Zelda asked again. Uh oh, she's got me pinned on the spot, right on the bull's eye. I am dead meat, so dead meat. I can't tell her, I just can't. But I'm glued, I guess... I have no choice. "Zelda... I," "Princess, the king wishes to see you" a soldier says. "Alright, see you later, Link" Princess Zelda says. "Bye" Link replies. As Zelda went around the corner, Link slumped to the floor, Oh my word that was so close. I can't believe I got away.

"Zelda," the king said, "since you will be queen eventuaaly, what do you think about sending an expedition into the unknown territory of Anteria?" "It sounds intresting, who is going?" asked Zelda "I think I will send Link, with the Destroyer." the king replied. Princess Zelda thought for a minute, "Ok, but can I go too?" she asked, "Yes you can." said the king. Zelda turned to leave, "And Zelda," the king said, "I know what you're up to, and although I aprove, to and extent, that is not why I am letting you go. Since you will become queen, it is good to know the land you will rule." "Yes, father." Zelda said.


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