I am Link, I protect the princess Zelda, but she can protect herself now that she has "Sheik" who's so awesome. I'm now going to diffrent kingdoms, to help diffrent people. First up Mushroom Kingdom.

"Itsa me MARIO!" Mario said, jumping over a goomba. Mario saw someone, wearing green, "Is ita link?" He thought. Then he saw the shiny sword, cutting goombas' in half. Link ran over to Mario "Hi, Mario" Link said, juming into a green pipe. Link then turned 2D. "What the heck!" Link screamed "Why am I 2D!" Link jumped hitting goombas' and troopas'.

"Itsa because youra in my world bit**!" Mario said, jumping on Link's head. "What the heck man! I was trying to save Princess Peach." Link screamed, running toward the castle. "If you help me save one princess, I'll give you another." "Deala!" Mario screamed, jumping into a pipe.

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