Majora Reborn takes place after the events of Majoras Mask.Link is in his early teenage years.He has a home in Hyrule and has gotten a title of Hero of 2 Worlds.However the adventures of The Evil Majora`s Mask is not yet over,it has yet to be decided if Majora has won or not.Its also an Crossover between Super Mario,Kirby and Metroid

Setting Edit

Similar to Majoras Mask and also Twilight Princess.

Chapters And Plot Edit

The Adventure starts in the borders of the lost woods where Link has an House and lives a simple life.The game begins when Link is training new sword skills,Like the back slice and helms splitter,After a quest with helping Malon to get back her lost cat (who ran into the kokiri forest) Malon`s father rewards Link with the Winged Boots wich allows Link to jump wall to wall and they slow down Link`s fall.However stuff are about to change when he starts to see mysterious creatures attack hyrule castle.They look like Deku links but darker and have purple eyes and have snake like tails and dark caps.Link hurries to Hyrule castle with Epona and defeat them all.Princess Zelda gives Link a New Ocarina known as the golden Ocarina and asks Link to enter the lost woods.

Chapter 2 Return to Termina Edit

Link jumped down to the portal of Termina.He landed on the deku fower he once landed on,but this time the surroundings where diffrent.It looked like a somekind of dark dungeons.Link ventured through the corridors of the dark dungeon.However the dark deku links appears but they dont recognize Link because Link is sneaking after them the player must continue to sneak after them without getting recognized.Suddenly he enters a room and see 7 sinister figures,4 figures in dark cloaks wielding the mask of odolwa,the mask of goht,the mask of gyorg and the mask of twinmold,A ghostly wizzrobe,a mysterious warrior with an arm canon and 2 sorceresses,one who is dressed very bizzare like a joker or something like that and other with purple eyes,orange hair and is clothed very questionable.the one who is dressed like a joker laughs at her prisoners,a plumber,a pink ball,and the happy masks salesman.Link wanted to do something but knew it was foolish to go out and just try to save them all just like that.They were all tied up and was hoisted down in a dark goo that got them petrified

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