Legacy of the Goddesses launches a huge story arc, with heroic roles for the Hyrule’s most beloved characters — Link and Zelda. While Link sets off on the journey of a lifetime — of discovery and hardship, of obstacles and victories—the others remain in more familiar territory, dealing with the aftermath of the war that rocked Hyrule in Twilight Princess.


It has been two years since the death of Ganondorf. Princess Zelda has ushered Hyrule into a time of unprecented calm, and now the entire Kingdom of Hyrule stands poised to freely embrace the same enduring peace that Ganondorf once sought.

In this new era, Link finds himself battling control of the very order of Hylian Knights he founded. After Ganon's fall to Link, much of Hyrule sees Hylian Knights as rogue soldiers too dangerous and unstable to leave unfettered. It is a view shared by the Hyrule Council, who has sworn to bring the order under government control--or disband it entirely.

But the greatest threat to the Hylian Knights remains unseen, a faceless menace even more lethal and insidious than Ganon who has plagued Hyrule for millennia. Awakened by Ganon during his brief rule, this hidden peril is reaching out from the darkest corner of Hyrule, assaulting Hylian Knights in ways that even Link has yet to perceive--but which he must quickly thwart if he is to have any hope of redeeming the Hylian Knights.

Chapter One-Exile

Chapter Two-Betrayal

Chapter Three-Omen

Chapter Four-War

Chapter Five-Destiny

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