Lank is a fan character created by Ryushusupercat. He is somewhat modeled after Young Link and is supposed to be Link's little brother.

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Aliases Mini-Me (Used by Link)
Age 9
Gender Male
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Hometown Ordon Village
Family/Clan Link (Brother)
Introduced In Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf
Stories Featured In Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf
Author(s) Ryushusupercat



Trek Through Hyrule FieldEdit

Captured by The PlunderersEdit

Rescued by Skrap and RitoriEdit


Lank is very much like any little kid; cute and hyper. He makes friends easily but also gets scared just as easily, and he is especially terrified of Zenai. He doesn't like to fight and would rather make friends. Link often calls him "Mini-Me" because of the strong resemblance the two share.

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