This is a transcript for King Harkinian and his Wii from Season 1.

King: It sure is boring here. Let's play Wii.

Gwonam: Your majesty, there is no Wii here.

King: [Warns Gwonam] Where is my Wii?

Gwonam: It is written from the Mushroom Kingdom.

King: Let's find the Wii.

Link: Great: [Link and Gwonam are off]

Gwonam: Squadala! We are off!

Link: Wow! What are all those spaghettis?

Gwonam: These are spaghettis of evil. You must conquer each.

Link: I guess I better get going.

[Time card says "Later Still"]

[Link gets the Wii in a cave and comes back]

Gwonam: Well done Link! Mario has no Wii!

[Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi walk to the Mushroom Kingdom, the king laughs]

Mario: Let's play Wii, Luigi!

Luigi: I hope you die on Mario Kart.

Mario: Luigi, look! [Takes a look at a note] It's from the king. [Reads note] Dear pesky plumbers, Link and I have taken the Wii. I dare you to find it if you can! We gotta find the Wii.

Luigi: No, not my Wii!

[Time card says "Meanwhile, at the King's Castle..."]

King: Let's play Wii Sports!

[Screen shows up with a game of Tennis, the king scored points, then laughed]

King: Allow me. [Puts in a game of Mario Kart Wii]

Sound from TV: Welcome to Mario Kart! [Selects Luigi] Okey dokey! [Selects kart] Let's a go! [Starts race, starts boosting up at 2] Whoa hoa! [Mario makes sounds] Whee! [Mario makes another sound before Luigi crashes in an item box] Yahoo! [Car horn makes a sound, Mario crashes into one of Luigi's three spinning shells, the king laughs, then does a boost jump, crashes into a crate and falls off]

King: No!

[Crashes into another crate]

King: No!

[Goes to the finish in 10th place]

Luigi from TV: Aw, mama mia! Oh hoh, oohhhhhh!

King: No! No! No! [Starts laser eyes in frustration]

King: Nnnrrrrraaaaaaa, Phewyaaa!!!

[Laser shoots Wii into explosion, the Wii is broken, Mario and Luigi see the explosion]

Mario: Look!

[Walks to the castle with Luigi]

Mario: This is it Luigi! [Door disappears, then reappears] Hurry! [Walks in] Hey you! Where is my Wii? [King shows them the Wii]

Luigi: No! Not my Wii!

Mario: Uh oh!

Luigi: You dare you must die!!!

King: But it's my birthday!

Luigi: [Starts laser eyes] Nnnrrrrraaaaaaa, Phewyaaa!!!

King: [Starts laser eyes] Nnnrrrrraaaaaaa, Phewyaaa!!!

[Both lasers explode, and the castle crumbles]

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