Kafei Pendulus
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Aliases None
Timeline Base Explained Below
Age 38
Gender Male
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Loyal To Anju Pendulus
Hometown Pyro City
Family/Clan Pendulus Clan
Title and Rank Master Smith Kafei
  • Sword smith
  • Swordsman
Weapons Smith's Sword
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Chronicles of the Future
Author(s) Kuro

Timeline Edit

Kafei Pendulus is the descendant of Colin from Twilight Princess, 1,500 years into the future. This is how the timeline goes:

Ocarina of Time (Child Timeline)-> Majora's Mask -> Twilight Princess -> Chronicles of the Future

The year he lives in is 2018 A.D.

Appearence Edit

Kafei usually wears a sweatshirt and jeans as normal attire, but is almost always seen in a blacksmith's apron. He has red eyes, and blue-violet hair. He wears a pendant that his wife Anju gave to him when they were kids.

History Edit

Kafei has lived in Pyro City his entire life. His father was the local sword smith, seeing as swordplay is a common practice in Pyro City. He met Impa when he was 20. He even helped her find someone to live with. Later, he adopted Link after his sister, Link's mother, was killed in a car accident. He treats Link as if he were his son, teaching him swordplay, and how to use a gun.

Personality Edit

Kafei is a very kind man. He always acted kind toward Link and Saria, and his wife. He rarely gets angry, and displays a fountain of courage. When he feels that his family is threatened in any way, he is determined to stop the problem right then and there.

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