Jessie Belforma
Aliases Hero of the Knights of Hyrule
Timeline Base The Hyrulian Chronicles Timeline
Age 17 (The First Saga)
Gender Male
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Hylian
Loyal To The Kingdom of Hyrule
The Belforma Family
Family/Clan Alphonse Belforma (Ancestor)
Lucas Belforma (Grandfather)
Suzanne Belforma (Grandmother)
Jonathan Belforma (Uncle)
Maya Belforma (Aunt)
Jeremy Belforma (Father)
Lotte Belforma (Aunt)
Edward Belforma (Cousin)
Charlotte Belforma (Cousin)
P.J. Belforma (Cousin)
Connor Belforma (Cousin)
Ciel Belforma (Cousin)
Anna Belforma (Cousin)
Alvin Belforma (Younger Brother)
Title and Rank Leader of the 5th division of the Knights of Hyrule
Group The Knights of Hyrule
Weapons Sword
Special Abilities Light Element Artes
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles
The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles: The Second Saga
Tegami Bachi: Spiritra Evolved
Author(s) BraveVesperia101/The-Snickering-Saboteur
Jessie Belforma is one of the characters mentioned in The Legend of Zelda: Hyrulian Chronicles, he is the older cousin to P.J. Belforma and is often heard about in his many adventures in the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado and the Land of Titans to the east of Hyrule that's dividing Mikado and Hyrule.


While not much is known about him, but P.J. describes Jessie is described as a nice and caring young man with a detication to his duties as a member of the Belforma Family although he would much rather spend his time exploring the world instead of being bound to the Knights of Hyrule.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Jessie was born in the Belforma Family a warrior family who guards Hyrule's borders and Central Hyrule with the Knights of Hyrule. He joiined the knights at a young age and wanted to claim glory in his name but instead became a deligent leader of his small squad of Knights, during the Seven Blades War, he would win back the Eastern Shoreline along with Link Belforma, his uncle Adrian Belforma. He would later march onto Solean soil along with the Knights of Hyrule and they would surround the capitol city of Soleana.

With Soleana's defeat and surrender during the war, he evantually travelled eastwards towards Mikado while always keeping in touch with his family back home.


Jessie is mentioned only in passing by P.J. Belforma that he is currently aiding those in the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado with relief from the recient 'Seven Blades War' and the damage that was caused by the Kingdom of Soleana when they invaded and tried to annex the country to gain an advantage against the Hylians, in one of his newest letters. Jessie was seen in the Land of Titans and they were flushing out the remaining Solean Knights that were occupying the land and were still trying to attack Hyrule.




  • Jessie Belforma was the beta name for P.J. Belforma but was changed for the revival of the story.

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