Jake Reaver
420px-Hooded jedi
Aliases Last of the Shiekah, The Assassin
Timeline Base TP
Age 16
Gender Male
Species Human
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Shiekah
Hometown Hidden Village
Family/Clan Impaz (grand-mother)
Title and Rank Assassin
Group none
Weapons Shiekah Sword (curved like a katana), twin daggers, longbow
Special Abilities Extreemly agile and speed
Introduced In The Legend of Zelda: Blades of Power
Stories Featured In The Legend of Zelda: Blades of Power
Author(s) Twilitlink

Blades of PowerEdit

Jake is a very skilled archer, swordsman, and assassin. He personaly calls himself a Jack of all Trades. Although the true extent of his talents he keeps to himself. He comes off as somewhat of a perfectionists, even going to the point of stating he missed when he shot a bokoblin through it's mouth instead of it's heart. He has also developed a style of fighting he dubbed One Step, One Kill, where every step he takes he kills another enemy.

weapons and clothingEdit


Shiekah Sword

twin daggers



A large brown cloak

leather shirt and loose pants

leather boots

Blindfold (on occasions he wishes to hide his Shiekah heritage)


Jake is calm and collected. He also comes off as unfeeling (evidenced during A Warrior's Funeral). He also tends to make nicknames for people. For instance he calls Link Farmboy after a duel (He stopped calling him that however out of respect), he also calls Dagon Old Man and Raikov Swearing Zora


Jake is extremely agile and fast (able to keep the pace with Epona at full sprint). He is also a talented swordsman and archer

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