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"For hundreds of years Hyrule has seen peace. The Zoras swim, and the Gorons roll. The Deku have been frolicing in the fields as most of them do, and the Hylians have idly sat, living a meaningless existence until they die.

For hundreds of years Hyrule has seen prosperity. Harvests have been bountiful as ever. The summers have been fair, and the winters temperate. There have been no famines or plagues.

For hundreds of years Hyrule has seen happiness. The rich give to the poor. The young care for the old. The wise teach the foolish. And the healthy heal the sick.

For hundreds of years Hyrule has been perfect. For hundreds of years the Goddesses have been kind. For hundreds of years the Royal Family has had a fair reign.

Those hundreds of years will soon be over. I will make sure of that."

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