To Death MountainEdit

The heroes proceeded to walk towards Death Mountain. Using their new skills, the heroes we able to take many shortcuts. Arsia used his Galeforce spell to cut some vines, allowing them to get to the top of the Lake Hylia waterfall. Otru used chill, freezing the river over. The heroes simply walked across the river and back to the other side of the Hylian River. For a while, the heroes just walked, killing moblins and the like along the way. Soon, however, the heroes got to a cliff which would lead to the Death Mountain Trail.

"Leave this to me," said Lance. He then cast Pillar at their feet, and the heroes were at the base of the Death Mountain Trail.

Heroes ReunitedEdit

The trail was a grueling hike, all uphill. The heroes talked along the way, about past exploits and other insignificant details of their lives.

"...and that's how I became I knight," Ortu finished his conversation.

"Wait," said Arsia, "Do you hear that...?"

"Hear what?" responded Lance.

"Listen!" said Arsia.

Sure enough, in the distance the heroes could hear a faint noise. It was almost like someone shouting to them...Lance thought to himself about how that voice seemed familiar...

"Hey, look over there," Otru. "Isn't that Urandia?"

The other heroes looked where Otru had pointed and saw Urandia fighting a group of Tektites. The heroes ran to his aid. The battle that ensued was nothing sort of spectacular; Lance was slashing Tektites in half, Arsia was firing arrows right into their eyes, and Otru was using his ball and chain to smash them. After the battle, a short conversation ensued.

"Aren't I glad you guys showed up," said Urandia. "I thought I was done for...well anyway, we have to get to the top of this mountain. The mountain is actually a volcano, and some of the local Gorons told me that it coould erupt at any moment! We must hurry!"

"Urandia...before we get going, you have to hear this..."

Thus, the heroes told Urandia the story, of the fairies and the undead.

"...and that is why we must hurry." said Lance.

"Anything to kill those undead freaks!" said Urandia. "Let's go!"

More Coming SoonEdit

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