The First General's LairEdit

The heroes went down to the underworld, and quickly found the first General's Lair. They went through it, killing several wallmasters and floormasters, solving complex puzzles, and avoiding perilous traps. They got to what appeared to be the last room of the dungeon, when suddenly an evil laugh rang out,. Just then, a hand grabbed the chest. The heroes used the Razor Hook upgrade to pull the chest out, and opened it. Inside was the Mask of Revelations. It looked liek the mask of truth, but instead of the pupil in the Sheikah symbol, there was an odd lens of sorts. The heroes had Zander copy it, then put the mask on. Upon doing so, they saw several strings attached to the hand. They then cut them with the Razor Boomerang, and the hand fell lifelessly to the ground. Because they had the Masks of Revelations on, the heroes were able to find an invisble door. They walked through the door and took the masks off (they were kinda uncomfortable), and in the room to find the boss...two stalfos. However, everytime the stalfos died, two more dropped from the sky. The heroes then put the masks on and saw monstrous hands controlling them through strings...and controlling those hands was a giant evil spirit...

Boss Fight: Puppeteer of Darkness, Bongo-BongoEdit

The heroes did the easy part and cut the strings. However, the hands then attacked them. They were invulnerable. However, the heroes used the Razor Upgrade to pull Bongo-Bongo to them, and hit his eye. He then covered it with his hands, revealing an eye on the back. The heroes used the Razor Upgrade to actually pull the eye out and destroy it. They repeated this for the other hand, and Bongo-Bongo began to attack by charging them. They would hit its eye every time it flew by, and this eventually killed it. The heroes watched as it's heart fell to the floor and bubbled into nothing. They then left the lair, where Zander gave them the news: part of Twentilla's power was destroyed. However, the heroes would have to cross the river of the dead to get to the next lair...

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