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The First BattleEdit

Thus, the heroes began to fight the undead army. They watched as Zander walked slowly onto the battlefield.

Relyt:Man, he must be useless...

Vio:He's Twili, so he's got something up his sleeve...

Just then, purple flames consumed Zander's body. They watched as a powerful being walked out of the flames, taking out his two giant swords, and killing several stalfos in one swing. A poe tried to attack him, and a purple crystal impaled it, appearing to absorb its soul. Relyt was surprise; he had believed Zander to be nothing more than a know-it-all old man. He was wrong.

The battle raged on, with Twentilla's army barely touching the heroes. Relyt had split into four and was killing everything very quickly. Darvus would swing his blade, and 5 or so stalfos would drop to the ground, dead. Vio was very quick in his attacks, and his blades power was immense. Finally, Argorok was defeating everything in a single blow, having the holiest blade of them all. The battle was nearly over, and Twentilla's army was losing. Just then, an evil being rose up from the looked like Shadow, a previous enemy the heroes had fought, but this being was more powerful, and had a huge amount of armor on...with every step he took, the ground shook with evil energy, and in his footprints was a sinister looking purplish gas that had an aura of pure evil around it...

???:I am surprised by how well you've fought...I will retreat, for now, but I will return...and when and where I do will be a surprise...and yes Zander, it is me, Twentilla...

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