IoD Banner Hello. My name is Moblin slayer. I have already wrote a few fanfics, and I plan on writing some more. This is just one of them. You won't have needed to read any other fanfics, though you may norice some references to them, such as one of the characters being from my past fanfics, Zander, aka Moblin Slayer. Well, I still need one little thing, and once I've gotten that I will begin to write...but I do have the banner, so you can figure out what it's about... Got that one thing, so it looks like I'll start now...


Hyrule...a land that is prosperous during peace, but deserate during war...the land that this story takes place in. Hyrule is in a period of peace. Ganondorf is finally dead for good and Majora has been slain. Because of this, the goddesses unflooded Hyrule, restoring it to its former glory...however, peace cannot last forever...Hyrule has seen many wars, and a many a soul has been lost to those wars...but now those souls will return for their revenge...from beyond the grave...

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Many characters in this story were not originally thought up by me. These characters are:

  1. Relyt
  2. Argorok
  3. Darvus
  4. Vio

The above characters were thought up by Relyt, aka Hero Of Wisdom

  1. Twentilla

This character is based off a user on ZP who goes by that username.

In addition, a number of bosses are either from past games or are revised versions of bosses from past games. Though the boss may have the same name, the tactic to defeat them with has been redone, and sometimes even the appearence of the boss is different.

I have obtained permission from those users to use their characters for my fic, and if one of those people reads my fic and believes that I use them in a way that they do not like/is out of character, they can just tell me on the talk page for this fic or on my talkpage, where they will then recieve an apology and the misuse will be fixed. If anyone else believes I have used a character of theirs, contact me, tell me which character and in which chapter(s) they appear, and I will either give credit to you on this page or remove the character, if you request that to be done. However, if I find out you were lying then I will report your actions to an admin/other high ranking person on the site.

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