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Age 12
Height 5 feet, 10 inches
Weight 77 pounds
Gender Male
Race Sheikah
Place of Origin Death Mountain
Weapons of chice shield, Kumori Sword
Affilitations gorons, zoras, dodongo
Family unknown
Titles none yet recorded
Teachers gorons

Ikou is a confident young child raised by the gorons of Death Mountain. He shows a great intrest in swordplay and archery.


~he usally wears a red tunic, carrying a smalll shield made from dodongo armor and the Kumori sword

~A small dodongo named Yin accomponies him.


Ikou was raised in death mountain by the gorons. His parents are unkwown. During the rock shotage(not like it mattered to Ikou), he was sent out in serch of good rock for the gorons. he was given the biggoron's sword for protection and to shatter rocks. While looking for rocks, he saw a burning castle. he arrived at the entrance, and saw a boy in a green tunic (Link as a child) crying with an orcarina. He followed the boy to a strange temple, where the boy played a song and went into a room with a sword. Ikou attempts a song, and the door opens, but to another room, with a different sword. Ikou takes the sword, and is overwhelmed by a strange shadow. He awakes years later, older and without the biggoron's sword. Instead he has the sword that was on the alter. "The Kumori Sword" a stange voice calls to him."At your current level, you cannot even unsheath the blade. You must posses the pearl of Din, goddess of power, to use the kumori sword." Since then, Ikou has been searching for tthe pearl.

(More to come ^_^)

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