Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Vixen

Ideya is Link's best friend. She acts like Navi did in ocarina of time. She assists Link until she is murdered by Sepulchre's demons. She can also assist you in battle, but has limited abilities. While in battle, Ideya wields a Cerinian staff. She also wears a cape, which, when wrapped around her, transforms into a different outfit.

She has a happy, cheerful voice, like Zelda.

Ideya is voiced by Evelyn Taylor(KrystalZoness)

Lost redemption 2 Edit


Ideya, sitting on the chair of Lost Redemption, with her cape wrapped around her, as seen in Lost Redemption 2

After lost redemption, it turns out Ideya is still alive, and Sepulchre as well. She helps Link fight Sepulchre, and they manage to send him flying helplessly into the lava.

Lost Redemption 3 Edit

Princess Ideya

Ideya as the princess of Hyrule

Upon Returning to Hyrule with Link, Ideya heard The King offered A hero to take the princess's place. Link suggested that Ideya take the throne. Reluctantly, she accepted. Soon they found Sepulchre had survived, but disfigured by the lava. He drove Ideya into exile and took over Hyrule, but Link and Ideya once again teamed up to kill him. He was far superior to them, but with the combined efforts of Link, Ideya, and the spirit of princess Zelda, he was defeated. After this she and Link get married.

Ideya has also appeared in Sword of Hylia, another game by the same author. To see her profile in that game, see here

Trivia Edit

  • As you can see, Ideya is clearly based on Krystal from Star Fox.

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