Hyrulo-Terminian galaxy

What Ganondorf did to Hyrule and Termin

History Edit

Ganondorf, after revived by his infinite darkness, decided to take refuge in the Never-Ending Sea. Yet again people could sail to where he was. He then decide to split parts of Hyrule and Termina into spheres (he decided on Termina because he thought that Hylians would take refuge there). He took refuge in where he wanted and named the place after one of his mother's name in Ancient Gerudo (Kamino).

Which place is which Edit

Hyrule Castle Town was renamed after its last king before the splitting, Coruscant.

Ordon Village/Faron Woods was renamed after the noise of the animals that were discovered after the splitting, Kashyyyk (sorry it was mispelled on the map).

Death Mountain was named after what the Gorons called the Hero of Time, Mustafar.

The Kakariko Village was named after the ancient name for it, Endor.

The Gerudo Dessert was named Tattoine for the number of black skin markings it made.

Lake Hylia and the surrounding areas were renamed for the one who created law and order, Naboo (later called Nayru).

Snowhead was renamed for a dead patriarch, Hoth.

The beach on the coast of the Great Bay was renamed Corellia for reasons unknown.

The Ikana Valley was renamed for what they called the Stone Towers, Geonosis.

Woodfall was renamed for containers to keep the Four Giants' relics.

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