Hyrulean Civil War
Monarchy of Hyrule Victory
Combantants 1
Monarchy of Hyrule
Combantants 2
Allied Races of Hyrule
Commander 1
Princess Zelda
Commander 2
Chief Darunia, King Zora, and Ganondorf
Next War

The Hyrulean Civil War was devastating civil war between the races of Hyrule and the Hylians.

Battle of Hyrule Field Edit

The war began at the Battle of Hyrulean Field when Ganondorf had captured several Knights of Hyrule. Link lead a task force consisting of one-hundred hylian knights. Although they were rounded a sudden arrival of the Army of Hyrule saved the remaining forty kights.

Battle of Kakariko Village Edit

A week into the war the Army of Hyrule lead by the Hyrule Knights were attacked at Kakariko Village. The Army held them off and marched to Death Mountain.

Siege of Death Mountain Edit

After Thirteen Weeks of Hard Climbing the Hylian Troops laid seige on the Gorons forcing them inside the Volcano however the continued to have food do to their rock diet.

Battles of the Zora River and Zora Domain Edit

Two weeks later the Hylians noticed they need a water supply since they had the peace treaty broken with the Zoras took the Zora River and laid siege on the Zora Domain. But were fought back to the Zora River

Battle of the Kokiri Forest Edit

At week eleven in the War both sides needed secret passage ways to the enemies places both tried to invade but where pushed back by suprisingly numerous ten-year olds.

Battle of Lake Hylia Edit

Week twenty in the war and nethier side had won much in the war. Some skirmishes had happened at the outpost at Lake Hylia but requested some support so after gathering several hundred troops in a week they sent the battalion. After a long twenty six week travel the battalion made it to the Lake only to lose it to the Zoras.

Battle of the Gerudo Valley Edit

Week fifty, The beat up battalion lead a reckless attack on the Gerudo Valley but in the end they lost when the Gerudo cut the lines on the brigde.

Battle of Hyrule Castle Edit

The Alliance made a huge attack force and attacked Hyrule on week fifty-two. The Hyrulean Knights had little time two react and they quickly lost the battle. Link got there just in time to save Zelda and get her to Termina. Ganondorf then killed the Council and made Hyrule a Communist Dictatorship.

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