I, Zelda311, am making Hyrule Trading Cards! I will make some. I will say when we can start playing and the likes! The cards will be at the bottom of the page.


So, at the top of the card you see a few things. In the top left hand corner is the name of the character, in the middle it says his level, and on the top right hand corner it has a symbol. They mean different things, different styles of characters

ɸ ____ Normal
Σ ____ Magic
Ξ ____ Fighter
Λ ____ Fire
Γ ____ Water
Θ ____ Earth
Ω ____ Air
X ____ Shadow
O ____ Light
Ϡ ____ Time

AoH stands for Amount of Hearts. Meaning the twenty collectible heart containers in most of the Zelda Games


Ralph Card

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