Hyrule's Last Hope is a fan fiction made by JesseRoo.

Characters Edit

There are many different 'groups' of characters.

Main Characters Edit

Each of the three main characters represent a different element.

  • Zac the Zora - Water
  • Alex the Goron - Fire
  • Cody the Deku - Grass

Shadow Patrol Edit

The Shadow Patrol is a team intent on destroying Hyrule from the inside with their many links into the Royal Family and the Knights of Hyrule. They are the secondary villains.

They also have various other unnamed grunts that work for them.

Ganondorf's Army Edit

They also have various grunts with them and a few other generals who are named but not important.

Chapters Edit

Note that there will be more chapters, but they will only be added as they are released.

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