Overview Edit


Hylian Hornets are airborne insects that inhabit numerous forested areas throughout Mudora. They rarely stray far away from their hive unless pursuing an immediate threat and will often attack without any regard for their survival and can incapacitate most small organisms by injecting them with toxins from their stingers.

Hylian Hornets usually make their homes in dense forests, but can be found nesting in solitary trees as well. Hylian Hornets are extremely aggressive and territorial, and will go to great lengths to protect their hive; even attacking other organisms they deem a threat without provocation.

Combat Edit

A singular Hylian Hornet will "scout" the surrounding Hive area for food. If another creature wanders too close, this recon Hornet will shriek loudly and quickly return to its native Hive to summon its brethren to attack the intruder. Hylian Hornets do not seem to exhibit any signs of intraspecific competition; many different Hives can exist within close proximity to each other in harmony.

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