part oneEdit

every hyli-who down in hylia liked christmas a lot.

but the gerudo who lived just north of hylia did not.

don't ask why. It could be that his head wasn't right. It could be that his cape was too tight. But most likely of all it was because his heart was three sizes too small.

"They're hanging there hover boots", he said with a sneer. "I must find a way to keep christmas out of here".

but then he got an idea.

A bad idea.

a rotten idea.

A guay-spottin' idea.

part twoEdit

He made a santa hat, along with a coat.
complete with fur, so warm is his throat.
He attacthed an antler to a poor miniblin.
Hey wait a second, what rhymes with miniblin?
He created a sleigh using deku tree wood.
He bought a bag, hold infinite items it could.
He had althe the equipment he needed tonight.
So gerudo and mini took off on their plight.
Now I realize this is a very short part.
But please don't hit me on the head with a dart.
so wait a while, for the next one will hold...
a new part and maybe a song in the cold.

part threeEdit

coming soon...

you're a mean one, ganondorfEdit

coming soon...

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