Hirudo Vitas is a Life Leech, the species that Bellum is, and an enemy of Link.

Hirudo Vitas
Hirudo Vitas
Counterpart(s) none
Age 9,000,158
Gender Male
Species Life Leech
Weapons Tentacles, teeth
Special Abilities sucking out life, flying, using lasers, creating life
Author(s) Shade

History Edit

Hirudo Vitas was born millions of years ago, as a Life Leech, a monster that can suck life out of whatever possesses life. At age 9,000,130, as he constantly traveled into Hyrule Castle Town, constantly taking away victims and leeching the life out of them, he had consumed thousands, until Link, the Hero of Time, got sick of him, and traveled out to get him. He fought through Hirudo's Temple, finally reaching him at the end, after fighting through Phantoms, Reaplings, Wizzrobes, Floormasters, and many more. More of him will be released soon.

Etymology Edit

Hirudo means "leech" in Latin, and Vitas means "Life" in Latin, making his name, in English, Life Leech, a fitting name.

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