Overview Edit


The Hiploop is a well armored burrowing insect. Vulnerable only in the rear abdomen, this creature’s thick cranial plating can repel frontal attacks. This gives it an advantage in combat, allowing it to make ramming attacks. Only surfacing when it detects vibrations above, it then maneuvers itself so as to always face its rival, keeping its exposed abdomen protected.

Hiploops look like very large beetles with a large armored head impervous to weaponry. However, its abdomen is totally unprotected and vulnerable. In order to prevent this area from being attacked, the Hiploop will attempt to keep its target in front of itself. Once they spot a creature large enough to be taken as a threat, they will charge at it and attempt to knock it off of platforms or walkways. To defeat these enemies, one must use well-timed dodging, making the Hiploop vulnerable to a counterattack. Another option is using a well timed Shield Bash with a durable shield to defend against their charge attack, which will knock the Hiploop backwards.

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