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Warning! This is a very long fanfic.

Author: User:Herooftwilight

Genre: Adventure, action

Liscenses: Anything that appears in the Legend of Zelda games belongs to Nintendo. Anything not from the games belongs to me.

Major Characters: Link, Zelda, David, Skid, Quill, Mikau

Rating: PG/PG-13/R

Heroes of DestinyEdit

Thanks for coming to see my fanfic. It kinda lacks detail, but since your all fans of the Legend of Zelda, you'll know what I mean. Enjoy!!


My fanfic takes place in an alternate universe. Ganondorf has once again obtained the Triforce. Hyrule castle has fallen, and the King is dead. Ganondorf has enlisted the help of some other Legend of Zelda villians; Skull Kid(Majora's Mask), Veran(Oracle of Ages), Aghanim(A Link to the Past), The Great Moblin(Oracle of Ages-Seasons) and Onox(Oracle of Seasons). The three main characters are Link, Zelda and David, a young Deku who's past is a mystery. In order to take back Hyrule, they must gain the support of the Rito, Zoras, Gorons and Hylians. Once they've done that, they will march to Hyrule Castle, and to war. Little do they know, Ganondorf has his own plans for the four races.


To see a list of the characters that appear in my fic, go to Heroes of Destiny Characters.


Here are the parts to my fanfic. You have to read them in order otherwise it won't make any sense.

  • Part 1: The Journey Begins (13 Chapters) PG for violence and mild language
  • Part 2: The War Begins (10 Chapters) PG for violence and mild language
  • Part 3: Dragon Roost Island (11 chapters) PG for violence and mild language
  • Part 4: Power, Wisdom, and Courage (15 chapters) PG-13 for violence, mild language and death
  • Part 5: With a Vengeance (12 Chapters) PG-13 for violence, language and death
  • Part 6: The Battle of Hyrule Field (13 Chapters) PG-13 for violence, mild language and death
  • Part 7: Heroes of Destiny (16 Chapters) R for violence, language and death


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