Part I: Prologue Edit

The sea serpent roared. "Osethabomunawn!" it screeched. All of the sudden, a huge wave smashed UberPhoeb. He drank his Lon Lon Soda, and felt replenished. "I want my taco. GIVE ME MY TACO!" The sea serpent was no match for the Hero of Courage while in a rage. All he wanted was a taco. And the sea serpent was in his way. He pulled out an ocarina, silver in color. It seemed like he was playing two songs at once, but the serpent exploded just then, and the fragments sifted into sand, then fell into a jar. "Finally, Morphangs ashes are in my possession. Time to go." He quickly played another melody on his ocarina, then was surrounded by crystal, and appeared in his house.

"IT'S FROM ELCTOLIBRE!" "Isn't Elctacolibre across the street?" UberPhoeb and his sister were fighting, the usual. Except this time, it was over an important factor in UP's life, his legendary taco. Without it, he was nearly useless. Without it and his ocarina, he was less useful than the spikes in a goron races (LOL!). Other than that, UP wanted his taco back.

"That's Eltaclibore! Besides, it isn't like Eltacolibre could make me another magic taco if i don't have rupees!" "Are you aware I'm the richest girl in all of Hyrule? I have a room full of orange rupees. If you shut up, I'll give you my huge wallet filled up, that's 430 rupees! Still, thats like, ten USD. I could probably make a wallet that fits 999, but that would still be a little more than $20." "Shut up! Eltacolibre only takes Taco points. And I used up all mine for the TETRAFORCE TACO. I saved sixty THOUSAND points, and had to kill Vaati for the cap of wishes, so I could wish for the tetraforce to exist." "You believe in all that Tetraforce crap? And the cap of wishes? It dissolves when Vaati dies, or a wish is granted to the killer. Of course, if you revive Vaati, the cap of wishes forces him to be your eternal slave, and you get infinite wishes." "I wish you told me that before." UberPhoeb grabbed his Ocarina, and his taco card, then ran off. Too bad he forgot his sword, shield, and clothes.

Part II: The Dungeon Edit


When THe Hero of Courage finally got his stuff, he went off to Triland, where he knew the last Eltacolibre was. *FLASH* "wtf?" he typed. "GOD DAMNET! YOU ARE A SHEIKAH/ZORA/GORON/DEKU/TWILI?! HOW THE HECK?" "Shut up, retard, I'm an Eltacolibre worker" said the man. "Just sayin' you need to navigate through four dungeons inside Eltacolibre. It's pretty easy.


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