Halfbreed is a race of beings found in Hyrule, most prominently around Ulfurio Plains. There used to be a fair (but not plentiful) number of them, but now there are only two left; Kotuumath and his little brother, Jukaro.

Biological DescriptionEdit

All Halfbreeds resemble humanoid animals (essentially a mix of an animal and a human), usually a common animal like a cat, dog, horse, bird, etc.


Halfbreeds age with a radical difference compared to their closest cousins, the Hylians. Ten years equals a single year to a Halfbreed, so if one told you he/she was, say, 20 years old, he/she would actually have been living for around 200 years now (they wouldn't turn 21 until they were 210 years old).



All Halfbreeds have the ability to use Magick.


All Halfbreeds have the ability to transform themselves into an almost perfect replica of their closest relatives, the Hylians. However, you can tell the two apart because Halfbreeds in substitute form tend to have red or yellow eyes and sharp teeth, like an animal.


Halfbreeds are a generally friendly people, who got along well with other races. However, they seem to get along with the non-humanoid races best.

Special TypesEdit

Advanced Magick HalfbreedsEdit

All Halfbreeds have some kinds of Magick at their disposal, but only some have learned all or most of the branches of Magick (Kotuumath is one of these Halfbreeds; he has learned 5/9 branches).

Mythic HalfbreedEdit

A Mythic Halfbreed is an extremely rare kind of Halfbreed that is mixed with some kind of legendary animal (I.E. a dragon, gryphon, mandrake, etc...). Mythic Halfbreeds are apparently capable of using Magick in such powerful forms that they were considered demigods. The only Mythic Halfbreeds to have ever existed in the past/present are a now long-dead female Gryphon Halfbreed named Ferulia (who was actually a consort of Khaazri) and Kotuumath, the son of Valdugard. Kotuumath is mixed with a dragon.

Famous HalfbreedsEdit

The war-like leader of the last surviving clan of Halfbreeds was named Valdugard, and he was the father of Kotuumath and Jukaro. Valdugard's wife was named Pahalia. He believed that his eldest son, Kotuumath, would be the one to establish dominance over the Ulfurio Plains and drive out the Hylians in that area, who weren't on such great terms at the moment. Valdugard believed that the Hylian people were a danger to the Halfbreeds. Unfortunately, the leader of the Hylian clan (the one that wiped out Valdugard's clan) believed that this "Mythic Halfbreed" would lead the Halfbreeds to destroy (rather than merely drive away) the Hylians, which is possibly why they attacked the Halfbreeds and killed them.

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