In front of Lex, there was a large knight, fully armored in red and gold. It resembled a Darknut, yet way bigger than it outsized even a Goron. Lex growled as Caleb, or some sort of illusion, appeared on its shoulder. He shook his head. “Oh, so predictable, dear Lex,” he drawled, floating down and slowly circling the girl, running his hand over her fur appreciatively. “Disappointing to have to destroy something so beautiful, in wolf form and out,” he whispered in her ear. Lex faltered for a moment as Lyt growled, reminding her of the task at hand.

Lex turned back into her Hylian form. “Do we have to do it this way?” she asked, Caleb resting behind her, his hands on her hips as he admired her. “Sadly, yes,” he said, leaping back onto the knight’s shoulder, which had been staying still while he was talking. Lex sighed and grabbed her swords, Lyt changing back into his Hylian form.

Lex twirled her swords expertly as Caleb glanced at her one more time and disappeared. The knight started to move, slowly but Lex could tell immediately the damage it could cause to something as small as her. The knight swung his sword over his head and it came crashing down to the ground, Lex rolling away and starting to climb the knight’s armor as Lyt distracted it, running randomly.

The knight reached down and tried to hit Lyt with its giant hand, Lyt back flipping away. Lex reached the top of the knight’s armor, sitting on his neck like a child. She began stabbing the hole in the helmet, the knight roaring in pain. The roar was deafening, but Lex didn’t stop running her sword into the knight’s face. “MOVE!” she screamed to Lyt as it started to fall.

Lex turned into her wolf form and raced down it’s back as it tilted forward, Lyt running around its side and getting out of the way. Lex jumped as the knight hit the ground with a loud smash and exploded into black smoke. Lex saw a bow in the smoke and retrieved it. It looked just like the Hero’s Bow. Lex turned back into her Hylian form and looked at it appreciatively.

“It’s pretty,” she said observantly, Lyt coming to her side to look at it. He looked back at where she had found it. “Hey, there’s a quiver with some arrows.” He went to get it and gave it to Lex. “No, you should keep it, I’m not very good at archery,” Lex told him and gave it back, as well as the bow.

They started to head back to the main part of the island. “I wonder where he’s going to go next,” Lex said and Lyt shrugged.

“We’ll see.”

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