Overview Edit


Geru are sinuous humanoid creatures with the heads and tails of snakes and wickedly taloned hands and feet. Their bodies are covered in fine, serpentine scales. They are approximately human-sized in height, but usually weigh only 120 pounds, while some Geru are shorter and heavier. Geru give birth to broods of a dozen live young, who are then sheltered and protected until they become adults at age 50. Although most Geru encountered in the wild are degenerate barbarians which have lost their magical abilities, they are stronger and physically tougher.

Combat Edit

All Geru retain the ability to deliver a poisonous bite. The advanced members are almost always arcanists of some stripe, with the majority trained as wizards. They have a high resistance to spells and other forms of magic, and possess natural, spell-like abilities. As they grow in power, they gain the ability to create complex illusions and to dominate others.

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