Link ran along the streets in the town. It was ten o'clock his parents would be worried. Suddenly a guard came up in front of him. "Hey you" he called out, "You know I can have you arrested for being ou here at night?" He started to grab Link by the arm. Link kicked his shin and the Guard automatically let go to comfort his shin. Link began to grin as he saw the guard fade away but two more appeared in front of him. Link dodged them and lost them. He arrived home, his parents were asleep he let out a sigh of relief. When he turned around his parents were standing there looking at him as if they were expecting an apology. Link looked at the ground, "ime got away from me." He simply said. His father's lips slwoly lopsided themselves and he grinned "Well Link, " He said "It'syour Birthday so we'll let you off with a warning. Link sighed with relief again. "But get to bed."

The next day Link got up and put on his jacket. He worked at a shop at Hyrule Castle Town and recieved a bonus for the day, twenty five rupees. Link arrived at home. But his parents were badly wounded. He went up to them. His mother spoke slowly. "Find Zelda..." She said in barely a whisper

"Where is she and what does she look like and..."

"You will know..." She cut him off. Then she left him. All alone. Link buried the bodies in their garden, packed up neccasary survival items and left.

Link walked down the streets of Hyrule Castle Town he tried to keep his mind off his parents but whatever he thought of it always led him down to his parents. A few hours later he came upon the exit of the town he gave on final look and walked away.

Link continued to walk and evantually he walked into a forest. He decided to set up camp for the night in a small clearing.

Link was back in his house his mother dying and his father dead. Link saw something in the darkness he moved towards it cautiously. Then a monster as ugly as a boar attacked him.

Link woke up breathing heavily. He tried to move his arms to wipe the sweat off his face. But he was paralyzed. "Who did this?" He yelled suddenly a girl just about his age jumped on to the ground. "Forgive me." she said and handed Link a fruit "Here eat this." she said as she tried to feed Link the mysterious fruit. "How do I know that it's just poison?" She sighed, ripped off a piece and ate it. Fine he muttered as the girl fed him he rest of the fruit. "What's your name?" Link asked. "Call me Allana." The girl called Allana said. "Where are your parents?" Link asked. "Dead..." she responded. "Oh." Link responded and felt sympathy for Allana. "Do you know someone called Zelda?" Link asked. "No." she said. "Well you can't stay out here until night it's dangerous, come to my place." She said. Link had a hard time following Allana, Shekept on jumping from branch to branch. Link panted "How much further?" he asked. "We're here." she said. A tree house was at the top of a tree. Link was less than impressed. "You live here?" Link asked questioning the ability to live inside such a hut. He had been born in a poor family in a small shack but this was a hut. "Yah why?" she responded. "Well it dosen't look livable to me." He said as he entered. It was already twilight. They had a small speachless dinner and Link fell asleep.

Link woke up and realized that Allana was gone.

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