This is a funny fanfic i wrote. You may not take credit for it. Rated PG. thats about it... ENJOY!!

Hi, Yes, its me, the king of evil, the prince of darkness, Ganondorf. I guess it all started one beautiful day. My plan was failing (as usual) and Link was in MY room, ready for the daily fight to the death. He, of course, was the winner EVERY time. " So," he said, "you will DIE!!!!!!." "No I won't! YoU'Re MiStAkEn!!!!!!! By the way, did you notice all the capitals you chinese new-year muppet!?!?!?!?!?!" Well, apperently he didn't take it that well... because he franticly started to try to stab me! I mean, COME ON, thats rude! Eventually he won, stabbing me in the heart, (still rude by the way) "Great, you got BLOOD all over the Master Sword!" "Then D.I.Y it yourself," i said, "I reccomend WD-4D!"

"Hey, look, it's a giant cucco eating a swordfish and whacking a turkey with my underpants!!!!!" i said. "MUPPET! WHO YOU CALLIN' A- what?" He turned around and took no notice of me while i stabbed him in the back. "OW!!" he screamed then he laid himself by me on the ground. Right about here there's a blank memory. He started to talk to me: "So... you know that were gonna die in about 60 seconds..." he said. Another blank memory. I know, i know! "Ganondorf, get yourself together man!" Yes... but i wanted to tell you something..." I said. "What?" Link replied. "Well... it's been 25 years and i thought that we cou-" and i remembered nothing more. And thats why i'm being held together by dental floss and paper clips, haven't heard from Link since. Well, so long for now... But, I wonder what happened in those skips of memory? What, indeed?


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