This is a journal about ganondorf's life. It is told first-person from ganondorf's view. Solar flute 04:41, 19 August 2008 (UTC)


age 5Edit

I just found out I will be king. I don't want to though. I can't even handle my part in the school play.

age 10Edit

I'm king, and I am scared.

age 13Edit

The hylians think there body changes are major, they haven't seen gerudo changes. Only Gerudo could tell I was a boy before the changes, and now everyone can.

age 15Edit

These stupid traditions, now I have to marry somebody.

age 18Edit

You know this girl is very nice. I could live with her. I also got a cool horse and magic lessons. I call my horse onox.

age 20Edit

That selfish brat, she married me only for the throne. I divorced her, she now is spreading rumors.

age 25Edit

I need help running a kingdom. Maybe the king of hyrule will help.

age 26Edit

A wizard told me that all my problems would be over if i get three items. I might have been a little to malicious though. Still growing insane.

age 27Edit

Zelda told a kid that i'm evil just because of a dream she had. A dream! I hate her.

later:Well the wizard told me to get the ocarina. I was a bit too harsh. The kid tried to attack me. I feel this will be a start of a long rivalry.

Later:Well I got the triforce of power.It feels nice. What the... what's this demon. It is acting crazy. It calls itself Ganon, a beast in the triforce.It's making me insane

age 34Edit

That kid tried to kill me. I was just defending myself so I don't die. Wait, he killed my mother! He will pay. HE WILL PAY!

later: Why do I have to be trapped in this realm? Why couldn't of they just killed me, I would rather die so i can meet my mother again instead of staying here

date unknownEdit

Why am I permenately stuck as Ganon? I just want to return to my old self again. And what happened to Link's triforce?

Later: Link did it, he finally killed me. This triforce drove me insane. My dying wish is that the next king will do better than me. That is my wish, that is my wish.

Note: the rest of the book was covered in Blood, Ink, and (Tear?) stains.

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