Ganon (2)

The Demon King, Ganon, drawn by Sir J.C. the Hyena

Ganondorf Dragmire, also known as Ganon, is the Great Demon King of Evil. He is the arch-nemesis of Charlie the Cat and is hellbent on taking over the hero's hometown (and sometimes the world depending on how crazy he is) and bringing forth an age of darkness and dispair. Ganon is also the source of many monsters and demons that Charlie faces each time he battles Ganon.


Ganon has a tall, masculine, piglike figure, with long, pointy ears and sharp fangs and fiery eyes. He had dark greenish skin, long red hair and wears a helmet that adorns a red gem and horns. What he lacks in armor he makes up for with robes; he wears evil warlock robes with a heavy cloak, an amulet and a big pointy collar. Ganon also sports big angry eyebrows and a chin curtain goatee.


Ganon is no king of theives or king of evil or even a manefestation of hatred, more rather he's the very embodiement of the festering dark magic passed down by generations of the Dragmire clan, brought to life by the darkness in the very hearts of man. For whatever reason he wants to either destroy Charlie or psychologically harm him is a mystery. But the most likely reason is that Ganon is merely out to be the bane of Charlie's existence for the sake of being the bane of Charlie's existence. He's cunning, spiteful, crazed and has Tim Curry's diabolical voice.

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