Link opened his eyes. He stared at the ceiling running everything that had happened through his mind. He let out a small sigh as he sat up. He looked around the room studying it. He could tell that he wasn’t in the spare room that Navi and he had stayed in earlier.

His attention went to Autum who was sitting in a chair. She was sound asleep. Her hair drooped over the back of the chair. It looked as if she had stayed in the room waiting for him to wake up. She looked peaceful curled up in the chair.

Link got off the bed quietly. He noticed that he had on a different shirt. It was red and made of a soft material. The shirt had black designs on it and on the back it had a design of an eye. He guessed it was one of Autum’s shirts. It fit him rather well and was much more comfortable than the other shirt with the hole in it.

Link smiled at Autum, he knew she must have carried him there. He didn’t want to wake her; she looked like she needed the sleep by the way she was curled up. He walked out of the room quietly shutting the door.

Link looked down the hall as his ears perked. He heard Eznik and Navi in the cockpit talking. He wandered on down to the cockpit to see how the two were doing. The teen poked his head into the room looking at the two.

Navi jumped up off of Eznik’s shoulder. “Link!” she shouted as she flew up to him. “You’re awake.” she sang out. Link smiled at her and picked her out of the air. “How are you doing Navi?” he questioned her.

“I’m doing fine. Eznik and I’ve been talking to pass the time.” She looked over the teen noticing he had a different shirt on. She remembered Autum cutting up his shirt so she could treat his wound. She knew that Autum must have given him the shirt to wear.

“How are you feeling Link?” Eznik queried. Link looked at him and sat down in a chair. “I feel fine. I think my wounds are mostly healed as well.” He smiled a little at the doctor. “How long have I been asleep?”

Eznik looked at the ceiling thinking. “You and Autum have been out for about 4 hours.” He looked back at the teen smiling. “I see she gave you one of her shirts to wear.” He chuckled a little. Link looked at the shirt and then to Eznik.

“What about you?” Link questioned the doctor. Eznik nodded a little. “I’ll live, I been through much worse; another family member, my brother.” He smiled at the teen. “Besides I managed to get away with only a broken nose. I consider that a miracle knowing how pissed Autum was.”

Autum opened her eyes; she looked over at the empty bed. She sat up a little surprised that she didn’t wake up when the teen left. She held her head. She guessed her cheating sleep so often finally caught up with her.

Autum leaned back and looked up at the ceiling. Everything her brother had said to her reran through her mind. She closed her eyes letting everything sink in. According to her brother she wasn’t happy and she was filled with guilt. Guilt of what, did she do something horrible to someone? Thoughts of her child overwhelmed her. Did she do something to her child that couldn’t be forgiven? Did she cause her child harm?

Autum opened her eyes looking at the ground. She wanted to know if her child was ok. She needed to know that her child was safe and alive. That was all that mattered at that moment; she knew what she was going to ask her younger brother.

She stood up slowly stretching getting the kinks out from sleeping in the chair. She thought about the question she wanted to ask him. Could she bare the truth about her child? She shook her head trying to brush the bothersome thoughts away. She wasn’t going to chicken out now; she’d waited too long for this. Autum looked at the door; outside of that door was everything she had been looking for the last few years. Was it something she really wanted; to know her past that her brother hid from her believing it was too horrible to remember. Did she do something that horrible that her own brother would hide it?

But her mind was already made up. She wanted to know her past. She wanted to know why her memories were taken from her. She made her way out of the room. She stopped, listening to the group laughing in the cockpit. She took a deep breath as she walked towards the cockpit door.

Eznik shook his head laughing at the two. His attention then shot to the hallway. “You sleep well Autum?’ he questioned her smiling as she walked into the doorway. Even after everything that had happened, he could still smile. It was how he dealt with everything. Keeping a calm composure; keeping his cool, staying happy and content with his always present smile.

Link watched Autum sit down in a chair. She looked a bit out of it. He looked to Eznik not knowing if the two would start fighting again. He felt Navi land on his shoulder. He looked at Navi who seemed to be trying to hide.

“Eznik, I want to know about my child.” Autum asked quite seriously as she looked at her brother. Eznik looked away from his sister. Even as many times as he told patients they were going to die or their family member had passed away, telling his sister this was by far the hardest thing he ever had to say. He looked at Autum as he gathered his thoughts of what and how to tell her. He decided he would be forthright with no sugar-coating. He figured there was no sense in dragging it out.

“Your child was killed before childbirth. The child was ripped from your stomach, snatched from your womb and you barely survived the attack.” he said quietly watching his sister as he lay out her horrible past for her. He glanced over at Link and Navi as his sister’s jaw gaped and her eyes became as big as saucers as she tried to grasp what he had just told her. Link stared at Eznik shocked of what he had said; shocked at this truth.

Autum looked down at the ground trying to make sense of what Eznik had said; trying to find some trace of evidence within her so to know this as truth. Her child was dead before it was even born? Her child was murdered? “Why was I attacked? Was it the dimensional government who wanted to make my life even more a living hell?” she questioned her brother though she didn’t make eye contact.

Eznik looked her over and then sighed quietly, regretting this day ever came. He looked up at the ceiling avoiding eye contact. “It wasn’t your fault, even with your job in the Elites. It was your husband’s fault. He was why you and your child were attacked.” Autum looked up at him holding back her tears; she kept thinking this was some kind of nightmare. How could it be that this was her life? “What did he do to put me and my child in danger like that? Was it his enemies? ” she interrogated her brother.

Eznik looked at her as he spoke this time. “He spawned a child. You see your husband was a devil, a hybrid of God, demon and Erinnye. Devils are forbidden to have offspring because of what they are. He didn’t tell you the truth about himself. He told you that he was a demon, and because of that lie it cost the child its life and it almost cost you yours. He didn’t do it on purpose though. He fell in love with you and because of this love he made a very foolish and dangerous misstep. In the end he was the one who sealed your memories. He sealed them because he loved you. He wanted you to be happy not to be plague with the grief and misery his love had brought upon you. He didn’t want you drowning yourself in guilt and remorse.”

Autum looked at the ground as everything soaked in. She stood up casually as she looked away from the group. She walked out of the room slowly. It all hit her so hard and yet she didn’t know how to react. It didn’t seem real, just words; like always her emptiness filled with empty words except these words were quite distressing. She leaned against the hallway wall. She slid down the wall and stared at the ground. Her thoughts were so heavy that she wasn’t sure she could continue to hold up her head.

Eznik stared at the hall. He could hear his sister start to cry. He didn’t know if he should go comfort her or not. He wasn’t sure what to do. He watched Link stand up. He looked at Eznik and headed towards the hall. Navi looked at Eznik puzzled. She didn’t understand why he wasn’t the one going to comfort his sister. She then flew after Link.

Link walked up to Autum and bent down. “Autum” he whispered quietly to her. She looked up from her knees. She had tears running down her cheeks. She grabbed onto him pulling him close and hugged him as she continued crying. “Why does this hurt so much?” she asked as she continued to cry. “I don’t understand since their just words to me for I have no memory of any of it and yet it hurts so badly despite.”

Link wasn’t sure what to do. He looked at Navi hoping she might help. Navi nodded towards Autum. Link slowly put his arms around Autum holding her gently as she cried. Navi watched Link and then looked towards the cockpit. She flew back to have a few well-chosen words with Eznik.

“Why aren’t you out there with your sister!?” Navi snapped as she flew up to Eznik’s face. Eznik looked away from Navi. “Would you want the one comforting you being the one who betrayed you in the first place?” he queried as he looked at her. He knew that he had hurt his sister holding back all of this information; keeping her desperately searching and longing when he held the answers she so longed for.

“She’s your sister! She’s your family. She needs you. But no, you have Link out there doing what you should be doing. What you did doesn’t matter; you did it because you care about her! She knows that now, she’s no dummy.” Navi yelled at him. “She’ll forgive you that but I believe what she’ll find hard to forgive is you abandoning her when she needs you most.”

Eznik looked away from Navi. The words ‘family’ clung to him. He closed his eyes and sighed.”I’ve done stuff because I cared but it always seems to end up hurting the people I’m trying to help. After such things others don’t care for your help whether your family or not.” he stated as he looked at her. “And I’ve done things in the past with good intentions but things did not turn out well and it ended up causing the rest of my family to hate me. So just because I’m family doesn’t mean she’ll want me.” He looked away.

Navi looked at him. His family hated him? What could a good guy like him have done to make his entire family hate him? “What did you do… play… humiliating games on your brothers and sisters like you so like to do?” she questioned him not taking him seriously. Besides she was mad that Link was forced to take on Eznik’s responsibility as a brother.

Eznik looked at the ground. “I killed our mother and I am blamed for our younger sister’s death also.” he said in a dead serious tone. “You find out in those times who your true friends are and that the word family doesn’t really mean anything. People that make mistakes that affect others find no one will stand behind them.”He covered his face closing his eyes. “I doubt my sister wants me at a time like this.”

Navi looked away; she knew she had hit a quite personal and private note with the doctor. It explained why he didn’t go aid his sister. She looked at the ground. “I didn’t mean to be so harsh and I sure didn’t mean to delve into your past.” she apologized as she looked at him, her ears drooping. She felt bad for yelling at Eznik, but she still believed deep inside his sister did need him. “I don’t know about what you’ve done or how or why; it’s none of my business. And I sure in the heck don’t know anything about the rest of your family but I do know that Autum cares about you. That much I do know.”

Autum looked at Link. She moved back letting go of the teen. She rubbed her eyes with her cold metal hands. “I’m sorry” she sobbed as she apologized for pulling Link into her affairs. She’d always been so independent and strong but at this moment in time she had totally broken down emotionally. She no longer felt strong instead she felt exceptionally weak and fragile; a feeling she abhorred.

Link shook his head. “There’s nothing to be sorry for Autum. This is a really painful thing to deal with, and as your brother once told me your stronger if you’re able to cry. So let it out… don’t hold it in. I’m here for you.” he smiled at her as he encouraged her, hoping to cheer her up. He put his hand on her shoulder.

Autum looked at him nodding. She rubbed her eyes, but the tears kept coming. Was this pain really worth knowing her past? She looked at the ground as tears ran down her cheeks. It had to be worth it she been searching too long to run from it now. Autum looked at Link. “T-thank you.” she said quietly to him.

Link stood up slowly holding out his hand. “Let’s get you to your feet.” Autum took his hand and he pulled to her feet. She hugged the teen tight and closed her eyes. She thought she was going to break down crying again. She thought her insides were going to fall out and her heart was going to splatter on the ground breaking into a million pieces and then everyone would be able to see the true disaster she was. She felt intensely vulnerable. The pain from knowing her child had died consumed her. She didn’t think anything could hurt so badly. She’d been tortured and had her hands mutilated but that was nothing compared to the pain she was dealing with now; there just was no comparison.

Link looked at her as she cried. He held her not sure what to say to her. His best guess was just to hold her as she cried. He knew there would be no words he could say to make her feel better. He looked at the ground; he knew that he couldn’t even begin to know how she was feeling.

Eznik stared at the ground. He wasn’t sure what to do; he had feared this moment for a long time. Here it was and he didn’t have the words to help his sister. Eznik looked at the small faerie. Maybe she was right, and he needed to be there for his sister. If worse comes to worse Autum would beat the shit out of him again or curse him out and he kind of felt like he deserved it. It would help relieve his guilt and help Autum release some of her animosity and grief.

Navi looked at Eznik. “Eznik?” she whispered to him and he replied with a small smile. He walked out into the hallway where Link was standing holding his sister in his arms. “Autum.” Eznik said as he walked up to her slowly.

Autum looked at her brother. She let go of the young teen and rubbed her eyes. She looked away from her brother. She didn’t know what to say. She glanced at him as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m going to help you through this. We’ll go meet your husband together.” Eznik said softly. Autum hugged her brother tight. “I’m scared to meet him. I don’t know him and I don’t even think I love him.” she cried.

Eznik looked surprised as his sister clung to him. He looked at Navi who landed on Link’s shoulder. She smiled at the doctor. She knew that she was right about Autum needing her brother. She looked at Link and smiled at him.

Link had his attention on Autum. He felt bad for her. She was learning about her past that seemed to be a horrible tale. She had lost her child because of a lie. And all these years her brother lied to her as well. He knew Autum had to be very strong to deal with the pain of her past.

Autum let go of her brother. She looked at each of them as they were watching her. She looked at the ground wiping her eyes. “Can you tell me about my husband?” she asked as she looked at Eznik. Eznik smiled at her. “Come on let’s go sit down in your room. You two can go in the spare room if you like.” He looked at Link and Navi.

Link looked at Eznik then to Autum. “Do you care if we join you?” he asked. They were already knee-deep in Autum’s past and as a friend he felt like he should be there for the rest of it; particularly if she ended up irked at her brother again. Navi looked at Link and sighed. She sat on his shoulder and observed Autum who looked like an emotional wreck.

Autum nodded a little to the teen’s request. She walked past him into her room. She walked up and sat on her bed. She watched the group as they walked into her room. Suddenly she felt a little better, a little blessed for weren’t these people her friends? Weren’t they the people who cared about her? She realized she wouldn’t be able to make it through this without their support. She lay back on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

Eznik walked up and sat on the bed next to her. He looked at Link as he sat on a chair that Autum has slept on. He then looked at his sister. “You still know your husband Autum. Do you remember that idiotic low rank demon that always got you hurt?” He questioned her smiling.

Autum sat up staring at him. “You’re telling me my husband is that idiot Celtic? He couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, not even if his life depended on it!” she spat at Eznik. “There’s no way…no way! Absolutely no way I would have married that fool.” He chuckled at her reaction as he nodded. “I have pictures of you two on my ship. You two made a cute couple.”

Autum sat thinking. She glanced over at Link and Navi. She then let out a sigh and lay back on her bed. “After we take blondie and his girlfriend to your ship. I’m leaving to find him.” she announced as she closed her eyes knowing it was a very dangerous thing that she was going to do.

“Autum, you know you can’t do that. The other elites will kill you or you never know… he just might. He sealed away some of his emotions inside of you, so he didn’t have to face it as well. Also we aren’t going to my ship; we’re taking Link and Navi home.”Eznik informed her.

Autum looked at her brother surprised by the statement he just made. She then glanced back at Link and Navi. They were leaving already? She thought they would have stayed with her brother longer than a couple of days. Usually he invited them to stay for a couple of months.

Link looked at the two. He wasn’t sure what to say, he knew that it wasn’t his place to say anything. “Who are these elites?” Navi spoke up. She wanted to understand everything what was going on even though they were going home. She still wanted to understand what was this was all about.

Autum looked at the ceiling. “In short terms, they elites are made up of five people who were chosen by the government; a king’s court. I was part of the group, but I got sick of it and left.” She closed her eyes remembering what little she knew. “It was me, Yoko, Kiko, Celtic and Endra. Each of us had our own roles and it was very rare that we all even got together. We were a well-trained group of assassins; lap dogs for the government.” She brushed her bangs out of her face.

Eznik looked at his sister. He knew a lot had hit her today. He was surprise that she was taking it as well as she was. Most people would still be weeping, lamenting or insisting on being alone. But then again it was his sister, she had been through wars. She had to learn not to let emotions control her.

“We could help fight.”Link spoke up. He smiled at Autum who looked at him. “Then there would be two of us who can fight against them.” Navi looked at Link. They were on their way home finally, yet here he wanted to stay and fight, possibly getting himself killed.

Autum sat up slowly. This boy was pure and really didn’t do anything for himself. “You probably will be killed by them. I probably will be as well, but I’m willing to risk that. Are you really willing to risk your life for my own cause? You get to go home and enjoy it with Navi.” It was the first time she had called Navi by her name. She didn’t understand why this boy was willing to risk it all for her.

Link felt Navi tugging on his ear. He winced from the pain of it. He looked at Navi who looked a bit upset. “Link, we get to go home… Do you really want to go back into more battles? These people fight differently than we do. You will get killed!” her voice started to crackle as she spoke. She was trying not to cry.

Link studied Navi, he could tell she really didn’t want him to. He let out a small sigh thinking what he should do. “I don’t expect you to go Link. It’s my battle, and your friend is right. These people fight with no honor… like me. They won’t hold back and mercy is something they don’t possess. And on top of that you will be stepping into a group of fighters who fight with powers you have not seen before.” Autum said as she watched the two. She’d rather not have either of them to suffer for her cause.

Eznik pushed up his glasses as he listened to the argument. He looked at Link and Navi. “I would go home.” Autum looked at her brother a bit shocked. She thought he would be urging Link to help not go home. “You’re a fighter who fights evil, not people who are only on the wrong side. You will want to show them mercy but in this war you can’t. This isn’t a war for someone like you. You will shed people’s innocent blood for truly their only wrong is the side they have been forced to play because the government uses things against them. They are innocent in that sense and you should not be the one who sheds their blood.” Eznik knew that Link stood no chance against these people. He remembered the stories that Autum use to tell him of their missions. They fought with no feelings and killed who was in their way. This wasn’t a fight for a hero; this was a fight for people who hands were already covered in blood.

Link nodded a little, he understood. This was not his battle. He knew that Autum and Eznik didn’t want his hands stained red from the blood of others. “Ok, We’re going home Navi.” He smiled at the faerie.

“Really!?” Navi spat out excited. She hugged his ear tight smiling. She looked over at Autum who was smiling a little. She plopped down on Link’s shoulder. Link smiled looking at Navi.

“Since that’s agreed.” Eznik stood up looking at the two. “Come and sit next to Autum, let’s get a picture of you three together.” He smiled. Autum looked at her brother and shook her head. Even after everything he still was a child who always had one thing on his mind; taking pictures.

Link got up. He went over and sat down on the bed next to Autum as she sat up. She looked at her brother. He pulled out his camera and aimed it at the three. There was a flash and Eznik chuckled a little. Autum had her hand up behind Link’s head.

Link looked at the two confused. Navi was laughing a little. Link’s ears drooped, he didn’t know if he wanted to ask or not. “Smile you three and Autum you behave.” He smirked at his older sister. He took another picture of the three.

“You know if you’re going to make us sit through this you better get your ass in here for a picture too.” Autum spoke as she put her hand on Link’s shoulder. Link looked at her hand. “That’s right me and Link will need a picture of you too!”Navi smiled at him.

Eznik smiled and he pushed a couple of buttons on the camera. It started to float on its own. He walked up and sat on the other side of Link. “Alright everyone smile!” Eznik said as he looked at the camera. The camera went off with a flash.



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-Fanfic by Bratchan

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