Link’s ears perked as he heard a door open. He looked at Navi who was sound asleep. She had a couple of dried tears on her face. He picked her up and laid her on the bed. She was always a deep sleep, unless there was trouble afoot. He took off his hat and covered her with it like a blanket.

Link got off the bed and walked up to the door. He opened the door looking out. Autum was standing back in her assassin gear. She was holding her black mask in her hand. She looked at Link glaring at the teen. She then walked away towards the cock pit. She decided it was better not to say anything.

“Autum.” Link said as he walked towards her. Autum stopped not facing the teen. “I don’t care what you have to say boy. From this point till one of us dead or victor of this fight ahead, we are enemies. I don’t care for any of your idle friendly chatter.” She snapped as she continued to walk to the cock pit.

Link watched her walk away. He looked at ground and sighed. He could tell she didn’t even want to make a connection. He walked into his room and looked at Navi. He walked up to her and softly kissed her on the head. He blushed a little as he did. “Navi, wake up.”He said as he sat on the bed.

Navi sat up and looked at him blushing little. She looked at his hat that was covering her. She held it up towards Link. He took it from her and put it on. “Navi, make sure you stay with Eznik. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He glanced at her as he stood up.

Navi nodded a little. She flew up and sat on his shoulder. “Just make sure you win Link.” She tried to smile at her friend. She was full of emotions she didn’t know what to do with them. All she knew that’s he wanted Link to be safe. Link nodded and walked out of the room heading to the cock pit.

The small ship shook as it landed on the planet. Eznik smiled as he glanced back at Link and Navi who were coming into the cock pit. “Seems you two woke up just in time.” He smiled at them. Autum looked at the two and then closed her eyes. She ran what she would say to the man in her mind. She needed to have her mind clear for this fight ahead.

Eznik stood up and walked over to Link and Navi. He put his hand on Link’s shoulder. “Just stay calm and focus on your fight.” Link looked into the doctors eyes and nodded. The teen felt ready for his fight, but lingering in the back of his mind was what Autum had said to him.

Eznik walked past the teen towards the exit. Link looked at Autum who was putting on her black mask. “Autum, good luck.” He smiled a little and followed the doctor. Link looked out of the ship as Eznik hopped down.

The endless darkness of space that had once surrounded them was gone. The ship was on the lush green grass of the planet. They were in an open field that was surrounded by trees. It seemed to be a perfect place for a fight. It reminded the teen of Hyrule but some of the trees looked different. The trees had blue leaves while others had pink.

Link hopped out of the ship and wobbled little. He felt a bit heavy and he looked at the doctor. Eznik looked at the teen. “The gravity is different here so your going to have to get use to it fast.” Link nodded and watched Eznik. He didn’t seem to be effected by the gravity as much as Link. The teens guess was that Eznik must travel a lot.

“Link, are you going to be able to fight with this gravity?” Navi asked concerned for her friend. She jumped off his shoulder and flew in front of him. Link nodded at her and walked up to Eznik who had walked away from the ship.

Eznik looked back at the two and then looked around. He was enjoying the change in scenery. Going from space start to space station always made going to planets a more cherish able moment. He smiled and let out a small sigh as he saw a man emerge from the trees in front of them. His guess this is the man that had almost took the teen’s life and was looking for his sister’s.

Link watched the cold heart fighter. He knew that man all too well. Link jumped little as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked to see who it was. Autum looked ahead as she saw the fight. “Don’t get yourself killed, boy.” She said quietly from the mask. She walked up in front of the group.

The man walked up quietly as he studied the group. He kept his eyes locked on the blond teen. He recognized the teen even with him garbed in different apparel. He was surprised to see him alive, in this dimension. His attention then turned to Autum as he got up closer.

“It seems I didn’t finish two fights. I believe my other fight will come before ours Black Ash.” The man said as he looked at Link. Autum glared at the man from under her mask. “This fight is between me and you. I can’t help if you didn’t finish off the boy” she snapped from under her mask.

The fighter glanced at Autum. “I don’t think it would be fair to the boy. The fates brought him here for a reason, to finish our fight. So you will stay out of our quarrel, remember I only give one prize. If he wins, we will not fight.” He said harshly.

Autum clenched her fist. “Let me and the boy fight, winner will fight you.” She couldn’t let that boy fight, her prize would then be in jeopardy. She couldn’t let her only chance slip away. The man looked at Autum and he walked up next to her. “I finish my fights” he then walked towards the others.

Autum closed her eyes. She cursed at the fates as they mocked her. She knew she was probably in some sick game the gods love to play on mortals. She looked back at the man as he approached Link.

Link watched the man as he approached. He took a deep breath as he tried to calm his mind, he knew that this was his fight now. “Seems you didn’t die Hero of Time. My guess is your friend.” The man spoke he studied Link. “It looks like we were destined to finish our fight, so if you will give me that honor let us finish our fight.”

Link nodded as he looked at the brown haired fighter. “May I ask your name?” he questioned the fighter. The man turned and started to walk away from the ship. “My name is Kwuan.” He replied as he walked past Autum. He glanced at her and then looked ahead.

Link looked at Navi, he prayed she would be safe. He had to win, he didn’t want to have her upset or try something stupid. Link looked back at the fighter and jogged up to him. He stopped next to Autum. “I’m not going to lose this Autum.” He glanced at her then focused on the man in front of him. He felt Autum’s cold metal hand grab his right arm. Link looked at her wondering what trick she might try to pull.

Autum pulled out a wrist band, it was black and it had a grey metal device on it. She strapped it to his right wrist. She pushed a couple buttons on the device. A blue barrier appeared from it. It was a round shield like barrier. “That should give you equal ground..” She looked into the teen’s blue eyes and then walked back towards her brother.

Link looked at the barrier and then back at Autum. “Thank you.” He smiled at her. This showed the teen that she still cared about him. Even after the things she had said to him. This gave him a bit of confidence knowing that Autum cared. He looked back at Kwuan ready to fight.

Autum walked up next to her brother. She looked back at Link who was getting ready to fight. She let out a small sigh of defeat. She knew the teen would either win or die. One she would get her prize and the other she would watch the prize go to the teen. She closed her eyes holding back her anger.

Eznik looked at his sister. “Seems like even after all that you still have a kind spot for that boy” Autum shot a death glare to her brother. He simple replied to it with his innocent smile. Autum looked away from her childish brother.

Navi watched the two and then looked to Link. She was full of worry for Link. She remembered his last fight with this man. Link fought as best as he could, yet he was no match. She couldn’t stand to watch him almost on the edge of death again. She sat down on Eznik’s head and buried her face in her hands trying not to cry.

Kwaun pulled out his sword and got into a fighter’s stance. He looked at the blond who stood in front of him. Link held out his left hand. “Kei to my aid.” He said quietly praying that he could summon his sword. Link let out a small cry as the triforce on his hand glow gold. He looked at his hand as the master sword, Kei, which manifested in his hand. He looked at Kwuan getting into a fighter’s stance.

Kwuan studied the teen. He was amused that the teen learned a new trick. His guess was from the assassin, Black Ash. He then charged at the teen and the two swords clashed. Link held his own as he could feel his hand burning from summoning his sword. He had to hold on and fight, he couldn’t let the pain affect him.

The man stepped back to give his attack more force as he swung at the teen again. Link prayed this barrier that Autum gave him would work. He used it to block the sword to give him an attack. Kwuan’s sword hit the barrier hard but it held again the blade. Link with the small opening swung his sword at the fighter.

Kwuan dodged the teen’s sword and moved back to regain his ground. He pulled out another sword so he was dual wielding. He swiftly charged at the teen to put him on the defense. He would do make the teen have to do something stupid to get out of the defensive.

As the swords clash it felt like everything slowed down for the teen. It felt like he had lived this moment before. He knew what the man was going to do next to his attack. Link easily blocked the next attack but the teen’s eyes widen. Memories flashed through his eyes of old fights that weren’t his. The teen stumbled back looking at the man, what triggered these memories? Link never had problems with memories during a fight, yet here he was during the fight he needed focus he was plagued with distraction.

Kwuan looked at Link he slashed his main hand sword towards the teens side. He could tell the teen was off guard. The blade cut into Link’s side, it wasn’t a deep cut but it would be painful. Link backed up and he let out a small cry. He looked to where the man was, but it didn’t seem to be the same fighter. There stood infront of him a black man who seemed to tower over the teen. He had orange hair and he laughed at the teen. Link shook his head, this is just a memory, right? He questioned himself.

The teen backed up from this new man who stood in front of himself. In the back of his mind he knew the name of his foe, Ganondorf. The name rushed through the teens mind as he told himself this couldn’t be real. Link let out a small whelp as Ganondorf charged at him.

Link turned and ran. He didn’t know what to do, he was scared and this memory seemed to be too real. He stopped backing up as Ganondorf had appeared in front of him. He stepped backwards as he letting down his guard. The teen was scared as emotions filled him. Fear, hate, anger rushed through the teen, he didn’t know what to make of the emotions.

Autum watched the teen. He seemed to be running from Kwuan and now he stood scared of the man. She looked away knowing the moment of the teen’s death would be coming. The teen had let down his guard completely.

“LINK!!” Navi shouted as she jumped off Eznik’s head. She let out a small cry as Autum grabbed her leg. “Let me go you bitch!” Navi screamed at her. She had tears down her cheek. “Somethings wrong with Link I have to help him!” She glared at Autum. “All you care about is him dying, so you can get your prize!!”

Autum shot a glare at Navi. “You go in there and what? Get killed, that won’t help him. If you fly out there you will be nothing but a hinder to Link.” She pulled Navi down and cupped her other hand over Navi. She knew as a fighter people helping you in your fights was something you didn’t want.

Eznik watched the two. He looked back at Link as he looked like a frighten child. Eznik knew what was happening, those memories were now attacking. This left the teen just waiting for death. Eznik closed his eyes praying that the teen would snap out of it. He didn’t want to watch Link get killed.

“Let me go! Please!” Navi screamed from Autum’s hands. She pleaded, she couldn’t have Link die, she couldn’t sit at the side to watch him be slaughtered. Autum looked up watching the teen as Kwuan ran in for the swift kill to the defenseless.

“Link, find your courage.” A voice whispered through Link’s mind. Link yelled as he slashed his sword at the image of Ganondorf. Link could hear the clang of a sword. Link he could feel the cold steal a blade in his shoulder. He stepped back as Kwuan seemed to focus in the teen’s vision and the image of Ganondorf was gone.

Kwuan stumbled back as his offhand sword had blood on it. He studied the teen with his emotionless expression. He charged the teen again not letting up on the injured teen. He wanted to end this fight and kill the teen.

Link stepped back and he blocked the attacks. The teen could feel the blood run down his chest. Link let out a cry from the pain as he moved into a offensive stance. He then charged at the fighter shield bashing the fighter to get him off guard. Link slashed at the fight and he hit the man’s armor, but doing no damage.

The man stumbled back looking at the teen. He could tell the teen was distracted from the memories that haunted the teen. The Kwuan didn’t care if it gave him an unfair advantage. He charged at the teen ready for the teen to shield bash again.

Link looked at Kwuan and everything seemed to slow again. The gut retching feeling of those memories were going to show their selves again ran through the teen. He backed up away from the fighter dodging the attack.

“Where is your courage” The voice whispered in his ear. It seemed almost comforting and the voice seemed so close to him. Link then stepped towards the man and slashed at him. The man blocked the attack and slashed with his other sword. The teen blocked the attack with the barrier.

Link let out a battle cry as he slashed at the fighter. He couldn’t give up even if these memories made it hard. Their swords clashed hard as the parried each other attacks. Link could feel his body wanting to give up form his wounds. His guess that the fighter had poisons on the blades that he used. Once again he was going to lose, this time he was going to die.

Kwuan as their swords were locked together he pushed forwards hard to get the teen off balance. The teen stumbled back he let out a yell as he fell to the ground. He held his side from here Kwuan had slashed him again.

Kwuan stared at the teen. “This was very disappointing. I thought it would be like our last fight, but it wasn’t.” He sheath his offhand sword and pointed his main hand sword at the teens throat. “This time I will make sure I finish this fight. “

Link looked at Kwuan his words seemed to distance and he couldn’t understand what he was saying. He could feel the warm blood run from his body. All that ran through his mind that he was dead this time. No one was going to come save him. He closed his eyes and tears ran down his cheeks from the pain.

“Link.. why have you lost your courage. Why have you let memories drown your courage? Hero of time, why have you forsaken your triforce? Why can’t you stand to fight? You given up. Why don’t you fight?! If you don’t, you will loose everything you ever loved and cared for! You must fight and win!” a voice cried out from in him.

Kwuan slashed at the teen’s head for a quick decapitation. Link’s eyes shot open and he use the barrier to stop the attack. He slashed with the master sword into the man’s stomach. Link stared up into the man’s eyes.

Kwuan dropped his blade and fell to his knees. He held his stomach. It was a deep and fatal wound if not treated quickly. He looked up at the teen who got to his feet. “Looks like you have won, Hero of Time.” He smiled at the teen.

Link looked at him and then to Eznik and the others. “Eznik!” He shouted as he knelt down looking at the man. “We going to get your wounds treated.” Link smiled at him. “I don’t have to have my wounds healed to give you your prize.” The man said knowing most people would just want their prize nothing more.

Link looked into the man’s eyes. “There is no need for you to die over this fight. Also someday I would like to fight you again.” The teen smiled at him. The man laughed a little and then let out a small cry. He wasn’t expecting for someone would let him live after what he had done.

Eznik ran up to the two. He looked at their wounds and could tell Kwuan’s were worse. He set down the black bag he had packed the medical supplies in. He smiled. “Can you lay back.” He questioned Kwuan. Kwuan looked at Eznik and he laid back closing his eyes in pain. Once he was laid back Eznik’s swiftly went to work on the fighter’s wound.

Autum watched her brother and she sighed. The teen had won the fight and she would now have nothing out of it. She looked winced a little forgetting that she had Navi. She opened up her hand letting the faerie fly out.

Navi looked at Autum. She then flew over to Link and Eznik. “Link!!” She flew up to his face. Link looked at her and he cupped his hand around her. He let out a whimper from the wound of his shoulder. “Hey Navi.” Navi hugged one of his fingers. “You did it, your ok.” She sniffled.

Link smiled at her “I told you I would win.” He turned his attention to Kwuan. “I would like a request about my prize.” He said quietly to him. Kwuan looked at Link and nodded a little. “You change what you wanted?” He questioned the teen.

Navi looked up at Link confused. She then looked at the man there would be only one thing he would change it to. She shook her head. “What are you doing Link?!” She questioned Link. She didn’t want to believe what he was doing.

Link looked at Navi and smiled. He glanced at Autum who was walking toward the group. “I want you do give her the prize she wanted.” He looked at Kwuan. The teen had his reasons for what he was doing.

Autum stared at Link stopping in place. “What are you doing?” she words fell out of her mouth. She was shocked what the teen was doing. Even with almost getting killed from his memories, he was giving away his prize. She shook her head in disbelief of what the teen had said.

Link smiled at Autum. “I let my memories take over me. I ran from the memories than ever facing them. I believe that’s what I have to do than just having them disappear. You lost your memories from someone I believe you deserve to have those memories back.”

Autum looked away from the teen. Even after everything she had done he still was willing to give up his prize. She glanced at her brother guessing he told the two what happened to her. She knelt down on the ground next to the teen. She looked at him not sure what to say to him.

Eznik smiled at the two and then looked at Kwuan as he sat up. “You should really lay down.” Kwuan shook his head as he looked at Link. “Are you sure you want to give up your prize to this woman?” He glanced at Autum.

Navi looked at the ground, she didn’t want to believe what Link was doing. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh of frustration. She looked up at Link as he nodded to Kwuan. After almost dying and being sent to the future he still gave up his prize.

Kwuan looked at Autum. “Take off your mask if you would.” He asked her rather politely. Autum looked at him and she dropped her mask to the ground. She looked at the ground a shamed of taking this prize after everything she had done to the teen.

Kwuan put his hand on her forehead and he smiled at her. “I told before I can’t unseal your memories, all I can give is the information you need.” He closed his eyes as he focused on the assassin. “You are very lucky Autum. Seems like the fates want you to know your past, they have brought you all together for reasons. They brought someone who knows about the seals on your body and how to unseal them.” He glanced at Link and then to Navi.

Autum looked at Kwuan then to the others. Her guess was the boy, somewhere hidden in those memories he might know something. She sighed knowing he would be even more in his debt. She looked at Kwuan and nodded a little.

Kwuan took his hand off of Autum. “You would be surprised who can hide secrets, but memories don’t lie.” He looked at Eznik. “Your brother knows everything you need to know. He’s been hiding everything for a long time. Even as much as he’s denied it all this time”

Eznik backed up from his sister. He knew that his wasn’t going to be pretty. Autum glared at Eznik. She got up to her feet. “You fucking bastard! You think this was a game!? My memories?!” Eznik looked at the ground. Autum grabbed him by the collar of his shirt picking him up.

Link went to say something but Kwuan put his hand in Link’s face. “Let them fight it out. Its not your quarrel” He looked at Link. Link looked at Kwuan, the teen was a little pale from the blood lose. “I still have a gift for you and your friend.” Kwuan reached into his belt pulling out a piece of paper and scribbled down a few numbers and words. He held it to Link.

Link took it and looked at the numbers and words. Navi grabbed the paper from Link looking at it. “What is it?” She questioned Kwuan as she studied the writing. Kwuan looked at Navi. “That’s for you and Link to get home. Eznik and Autum will be able to read that.”

Autum punched Eznik in the face and dropped him to the ground. She had a couple of tears running down her cheek. Eznik looked away from his sister. He held his nose that was bleeding. “I had reasons for not telling you Autum.”

Autum bent down and glared at him. “Reasons? What reasons do you have not to tell your sister?! Im your family damit! “She screamed at him. Eznik looked at her. “I promised your husband! Before you had your memory sealed you drowned yourself in guilt! You weren’t ever happy, Autum!” He yelled at his sister.

Autum looked away from him, she felt lost and betrayed. Eznik looked at his sister and sighed. “You’re a bastard Eznik!” she snapped at him. Autum clench her fist and punched Eznik hard in the gut. Eznik let out a cry as he cringed from the pain.

Link looked at Autum. He felt sorry for her and wanted to say something to try to comfort her. He felt a hand on his forehead. He looked at Kwuan and everything went dark. He fell backwards unconscious and Kwuan caught him so he wouldn’t hit the ground. Kwuan laid the teen back slowly on the ground.

Navi stared at Link panicking. “What did you do?!” She snapped at Kwuan. Kwuan stood up slowly and held his stomach. “I put him in a peaceful sleep. Im sure his wounds were hurting him a lot. I rather not have him strain himself.” He looked at Eznik and Autum. “You two better worry about your friend here before he bleeds to death. He started to walk towards the forest.

Navi watched Kwuan leave. She looked back at Autum and Eznik who seemed to be lost in their fight. It looked like they could on for hours but Link didn’t have that much time. Eznik looked at Autum as he held his stomach from the pain. He had blood running down his face from his nose. “Stop Fighting!” Navi yelled as she flew in front of Eznik.

Autum glared at Navi. “This isn’t your fight, move!” she snapped. Navi returned the glare. “You owe Link! He gave you his prize that he risked his life for! Now you need to help him before his wounds get worse!” she yelled at Autum. Hoping to stop the fighting so someone would help Link.

Autum looked at Navi, she was right she did owe the teen. She let out a sigh looking at the teen. She closed her eyes calming herself. Her anger was always a weakness., she tended to let it consume her. She walked up next to the teen and knelt down. She pulled out a dagger that was hidden. She cut off the teen’s shirt so she could treat his wounds.

Navi looked at Eznik. She studied him and wonder why he really kept that as a secret from his sister. She didn’t ask thought better to drop the topic. Navi flew up next to Autum and watched her closely. She seemed to know how to treat wounds.

Autum had cleaned Link’s wounds and wrapped it. She looked at the unconscious teen thinking. She wanted her child to be like this boy, pure, selfless and innocent. Unlike herself who would hurt people for their own gain. She brushed the teen’s hair out of his face as she studied him.

Autum then looked at the medical bag zipping it up. She grabbed it and looked at her brother. She threw it at him. “Get yourself cleaned up..” She said as she looked back at the teen. She picked up Link gently as the small paper fell off the teen. She headed towards the ship.

Eznik watched his sister. She had calmed down and he sighed in relief. He grabbed a cloth and held it to his nose. He looked at Navi who was watching his sister. “You ok Navi?” He questioned her.

Navi looked at him and nodded a little. She flew down and grabbed the paper with the directions how to get home. She flew over to Eznik and sat on his shoulder. She looked at the paper. “What happen, that made someone want to lock her memories away?” She looked at Eznik.

Eznik looked at his sister as she got into her ship. He sighed as the memory was fresh in his mind. He looked up at the blue sky. “It happened a few years ago, I was going to meet up with my daughters. I got a call on the emergency line. It was Celtic, Autum’s husband, he was crying and saying he needed my help, something happened to Autum. I met up with him and my sister. She was in a coma and her baby had been ripped from her womb. She was barely alive, Celtic had sealed up her stomach so she wouldn’t die. The attacked happened because of Celtic, because of what he is. He didn’t want to risk Autum getting attack again. So he sealed up her memories of him, her dead child and anything else that had hurt her. He cared a lot about her” Eznik looked at the ground. “He made me promise not to tell her. He didn’t want her to blame herself or for her to seek him out.”

Navi looked at Eznik and then away the story was sad. She understood why Eznik didn’t tell his sister. She folded the paper in half, as she ran everything he said through her mind. “How are you going to tell her about her child?”

Eznik shook his head as he stood up slowly. “I don’t’ know Navi. I really don’ t know how I’m going to tell her everything.” He sighed and picked up his medical bag. He started to walk towards the ship. “What’s that paper you have?” He glanced at her.

Navi looked at the paper and held it out to him. Eznik took it and opened it. “Kwuan gave it to us, he said it was a way for us to get home.” Eznik nodded. “You two live a little ways away from here, but I can get you home.” He smiled at her.

Navi smiled and could tell Eznik had a lot on his mind. She knew why, a secret he had been hiding for years now he had to tell everything he knew. The horrible news that Autum’s child was dead and that her husband had sealed up her memories.

Eznik walked into the ship and glanced at his sister’s room. He’s guess that she was in there and had put Link in the spar room. He walked into the cock pit and dialed in the coordinates from the paper that Kwuan had gave Link and Navi.

Navi let out a sigh as she looked out the window as the ship shook. “How long till we will get home?” She asked Eznik hoping it would be soon. Eznik looked and her and lend back. He held his nose he got lucky she didn’t break it. “A couple of days, depending if we have to stop any where.”

Navi nodded and she looked back at the hall. She didn’t know if she wanted to see Link. The way Autum was looking at him when he was injured. It remind Navi of a mother looking at a child. She didn’t want to see Autum, she might blurt out her child is dead. The thought it brought chills through her body, she decided it would be better if she stayed with Eznik for a little.

Autum sighed as she took off her armor. She glanced at the teen who was on her bed. She sat down on a chair looking at him. She closed her eyes, she was going to finally going to know her memories all thanks to the kindness of this teen. She was going to wait for him to wake up before she started to ask her brother about her memories.



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-Fanfic by Bratchan

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