Eznik walked down the hall. His attention was drawn to the two standing further down the hall. He studied their expressions and by the look of it his sister had done something painfully cruel to them. He jogged up to them. “Are you two ok?” he questioned them concerned.

Link glanced at Eznik then looked back at the ground. The piercing words of Autum ran through his mind. He looked down the hallway, he thought he had a friend he a lot in common with, someone to look up to, someone he could trust, but he was wrong. Navi was right about Autum, why didn’t he listen?

Navi looked at Link and then to Eznik. She wanted to go find Autum and tell her off. She truly knew it would do no good just lead to more fighting. “Your sister is a real bitch.” she said as she glared at Eznik. “Who does she think she is…Huh!? She had no right to say what she said!” she shouted at Eznik as if it was his fault. She had a couple of tears running down her cheek.

Eznik put his hand on Link’s head. “Link, I’m sure my sister probably said some cruel things to you to rip your heart and trust apart. She did that for a reason. You see she got attached. That’s a weakness she won’t allow herself to have, so she destroyed it with harsh words. She won’t even let herself get attached to her own family.” he paused as he looked up to the ceiling collecting his cool. “She would kill me if she had to without a second thought.” He gave a smile to the teen hoping he would understand why his sister did such a horrible thing.

Navi landed on Eznik’s shoulder. “Then why do you care for her? Why do you put up with her and even help her?! If she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself! Is that the assassin in her that likes to rip people apart for fun!” she spat at Eznik. She glared at him as he replied to her with a smile.

“She’s my sister that’s a good enough reason for me. It only truly matters how I feel. She can say and do whatever she pleases but to me she is my sister who I care deeply for; she is family.” Eznik looked at Link’s who was listening in on their conversation. The teen let out a small sigh and rubbed his eye. “What should I do?” he asked quietly, his pride crushed.

Navi looked at Link and her ears drooped. She didn’t know what to say. She wanted to say ‘Go attack Autum’ but she knew that wouldn’t fix things. She looked at the ground and closed her eyes. She wanted to put Autum in her place; like rip out her hair to somehow show her what a heartless being she was.

Eznik ruffled Link’s hair and walked towards the hallway. “Easy, you do what you want to do. You want to fight this guy don’t you and if it happens to piss off my sister, oh drat. You can’t let her win this battle of words. Oh! I almost forgot. I have a gift for you.” He pulled Link’s green hat out of his pocket. He tossed it to Link. Link snatched it out of the air. “Have pride as a fighter Link and never show you have a weakness. Isn’t that what Autum would say. ” Eznik said as he smiled. “I say if your pride has been shattered use your courage as your pride. To keep your head in the game use your anger and your pain as your strength. Don’t let her get the better of you. You know you let her do this to you before; defeat you before you ever set foot on the battlefield. Oh my, speaking of my sister we’d better hurry before she leaves without us. You know she’d love to get away with that.”

Link looked at his hat and then to Eznik. The doctor didn’t seem to be a fighter but he did have the strong words and wisdom of one. The teen nodded following after Eznik. Navi jumped onto Link’s shoulder and smiled at him. “You going to be ok?” she asked Link in a whisper. Link nodded a little but his mind was clearly on something else. He watched the door slide open and Eznik walk in.

Link followed Eznik onto Autum’s ship. The metal was a darker grey and seemed to be rather dim. There weren’t a lot of lights and the hall was much smaller. There were 3 doors and then a hall to the left. He watched Eznik walk down the hall. He followed slowly looking at the dark walls.

The three walked into a small room. There were four chairs with a large viewing window. One of the chairs was in front of the large control panel to the ship. There was no sign of Autum in the small room. Link was relieved.

Eznik sat down in the chair in front of the controls. He looked back at Link and nodded to another chair as he turned to face the control panel. He pushed a few buttons and the small ship shook. Eznik glanced out the huge window to watch them depart his ship that they were once docked to. The small ship flew away from the larger ship.

Link sat down in the chair Eznik has directed him to and sighed as he looked out the window. His mind was heavy still thinking about what Autum had said. He looked at Eznik. “Do you know what Autum was offered?” he asked the doctor. He wanted to know what Autum wanted so much that she would do such things.

Eznik looked at Link and Navi. He then checked out the small hall to see if his sister was around. He messed with his chair so it would turn to face the two. He nodded a little as he decided since these two were so devastated by what his sister had done; they deserved to know what she fought for.

“You have memories that aren’t yours while my sister doesn’t have memories at all. She can’t remember our mother, our younger sister or father. She can remember bits and pieces of her life but that’s about it. Anything big in her life that hurt her or meant anything; all of those memories are gone; wiped away as if they never were. She barely knows our stepmother. She remembers so little of her family it seems. Those tattoos that cover her body are seals that were placed on her to lock away her memories. For years she’s been looking for someone who could un-seal her memories. My guess is that is what the man promised her; a chance to remember everything that she has forgotten. He must be able to remove the seals. “ Eznik studied them as he laid out the details. Link and Navi tried to comprehend his sister’s misfortune.

Link nodded a little and looked at the ground. “To have family and not even be able to remember, that would be a painful and hard life to live. My mind feels so crowded with all these extra memories, hers must feel painfully empty.” he said looking over at Eznik. The blonde was trying to understand Eznik’s sister’s dilemma.

Eznik smiled at him. “Having memories that aren’t yours is another predicament that can cause a hard life for someone and the people who care about them.” He glanced to Navi. “I don’t expect you to pity my sister or forgive her. I just thought it might help you two to understand what is going on. Autum does what she does for her own reasons and she doesn’t ask for anyone’s understanding or forgiveness. She does what she needs to do to survive.” He leaned back as he explained it to them. He didn’t want them to feel sorry for his sister; he would never live that down if his sister found out.

Navi looked at Eznik “Still gives her no right to be a bitch. So what if she doesn’t have memories, she can just make new ones. She’s shouldn’t linger over a past that she can’t do anything about. Link can’t help his plight for the past reveals itself in full techno-color in his mind after each fight he encounters.” Navi instilled as looked to Link.

Link looked at Navi and then closed his eyes leaning back in the chair. Navi was right about his memories but was she right about Autum’s? Link opened his eyes thinking, his ‘curse’ was given to him by the Goddesses when he was born. As for Autum it seems that someone; a foe, no doubt had sealed her memories away later in her life. He wanted to know whose prize was worth more, did he really want to give away his chance to get rid of the memories that haunted him more than she wanted to regain hers?

Eznik watched Link and could tell he was in deep thought. He looked at Navi who looked like she was still dealing with the words Autum had unleashed on them. He stood up slowly and walked past the two and went on down the hall. He decided to let the two chat as he had a word with his sister.

Autum lay on her bed staring up at the ceiling. She knew that her brother was aboard and her guess he talked the rugrats into following. She said some cruel things to Link and Navi, but it didn’t seem to bother her all that much. All that mattered was getting her prize. Her eyes darted to the door to her room.

“You really can be cruel-hearted.” Eznik said as he walked into the room closing the door. He walked up and sat on her bed next to her. “They are far from home yet you still found it necessary to rip them apart. Did you really let down your guard that much that you were forced to do that?” He looked her over as he spoke.

Autum rolled over so her back was facing him. She stared at the wall thinking about what her younger brother had said. “I shouldn’t have been so stupid. It all happened so quickly that I hadn’t realized I had till it was too late. Still I refuse to let my feelings for some stupid boy get in the way of what I want. Something I been waiting years to get, you know that.” She sat up looking at him for some type of approval.

Eznik looked at her. “Was it worth losing his trust? Is all this worth loosing these new friends? Friends are something you haven’t had in a long time, something I know is as precious as your memories. Look at all that you have destroyed and for what, some useless memories that you’re obsessed over. Instead of wasting your life searching for lost memories you could be making new ones and living happily in the moment.” Before he could finish before he knew what happened he was lying face down on the floor. Autum had sucker-punched him in the face. The pain was quite profound. Apparently she hadn’t liked what he had to say. He looked up and seen his sister standing over the top of him.

“You have fucking memories!” she yelled. “You know why our sister died! Why our mother was killed! Hell you know why our father killed himself! All I have is what you and the rest of the family tell me. I have nothing that is mine.” She moved from on top of him as he sat up holding his face. “ And as you tell me the stories of my life they remain nothing but stories to me; no memories come to mind, no pictures, no feelings emerge, nothing of my own to draw from. All I have are empty words to fill the empty pages of my past and that is not enough.” She turned away from him as she then continued on.

“You have memories and a life. You knew love and have a daughter, Eznik. Even if you got divorced you still have a daughter who waits every day for you to come to see her. But no, you run from your own daughter, you run from your past and your memories, you bastard father, so you have no right to lecture about friends or anything else.” she insulted as she shot a scary glare at him as he got to his feet.

Eznik looked at her; rolled his eyes and then looked away. His sister could be so cruel with how she utilized the words and truths she spoke. “You know why I don’t see my daughter. I know it’s a stupid thing to do but at least you don’t have the guilt of your past haunting you Autum. You had a clean slate and yet, you continue to cover it back up with the blood of the people you slaughter for your own gain. You can’t stand the fact that you got free of a past that the rest of your family is buried in. You think you have to punish yourself so you’re like the rest of your god forsaken family! That’s why you watch Siran, despite the price you pay because you feel guilty for not having a past; for not wallowing in the misery with the rest of us! Even as much as your psychopathic sister, Siran messes up your work you still watch over her, protect her. You don’t get how lucky you are to be free of memories. That is something you should be thankful for instead of burdened by! And you use this burden as an excuse to be a coldhearted bitch!” he snapped at his sister.

Autum looked away from her brother. There was a very uncomfortable silence between the two of them as Autum stared at the ground rerunning everything that he had said through her mind. She flashed a flaring glare at him. She looked as if she was going to break out crying but she held back her tears. “I had a child, a fucking child Eznik. I don’t know what happened to my child. I don’t even know if it is a boy or a girl. I don’t know its name. And I have no memory of the man who is the father. I had a lover, Eznik, someone whom I must have fucking loved and someone I assume loved me! But I can only assume these things because I don’t know. And that’s because someone took away my own personal history not just that of my family but my own personal family! They took away those memories! You know all I wanted was a family. That’s all I ever wanted! I had it and I can’t remember any of it! I don’t know what happened to them. Did they leave me or did someone come and tear us apart? Does my child need me, are they in danger or do they think I abandoned them? You don’t know how weary that makes me, I am stuck worrying about things that no-one has the answer to for it seems no one else knows of my family either! Not even you! You can’t tell me who I loved and what happened to my child! Why they no longer are, who they were. Why do those memories escape everyone?! I always thought that you and I have always been close in our odd kind of way but apparently that’s not true for how is it that this was part of my life and yet you have no memory of it nor does anyone else? No one can tell me of my missing life, my missing memories, my missing child or lover. Who knows what all else and who else has been erased from my mind. I want to know what I had! I need to know! It’s driving me mad! So you see I really don’t give a shit about that pure-hearted innocent hero, Link! I will slaughter him and his faerie love if I have to just to have those memories back, to regain what I lost in hopes I can finally be whole! Friendship is not an option, never was.” she shouted at him in a ferocious voice.

“Autum..” Eznik said looking to his sister in sympathy. She was full of emotion but refused to let any of it go. “Get out of my room.” Autum demanded as she walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. Eznik glanced at the door and then walked out of the room holding his bruised face. He leaned against the wall in the hallway thinking about the argument his sister and he just had. Her memories seemed to be twisted some, probably from the longing for her memories because the last thing Autum had wanted was a family. She had felt too guilty from the things of her past to even think about having one. She didn’t believe she deserved it. Same with getting her fingers replaced she refused to let him because she didn’t believe she was worthy. And despite the fact that his sister believed the loss of her memories was driving her mad Eznik was convinced that retrieving her memories would be her final undoing. He believed she couldn’t afford to regain her memories.

Autum turned on the water to the tub. She climbed into it clothes and all. She held her face as she whimpered some as she fought the tears that wanted to fall so badly. She refused to cry as she sat in the tub letting the water fill up. She listened to the sound of the running water. It made her feel as if she was drowning, drowning on the inside from all the tears she held within.

“Link..” Navi spoke quietly to her friend who seemed to be in deep thought. She looked at the ground while hoping he would respond. She felt so alone even though she was with Link. He seemed so closed off to her. She closed her eyes waiting for the teen to speak.

“I’m going to fight Navi. I want you to stay out my fight this time. Do you understand? I don’t want you to get hurt, so promise me.” He opened his eyes and looked towards his friend. Navi stared at him and then nodded a little. “Promise me.” he repeated.

Navi grabbed his ear and Link let out a small yelp. His ears were very sensitive. “You have to promise you will come back as the victor of the fight!” she shouted in his ear. She had a couple of tears running down her cheek. She didn’t want him to fight but she knew that he wanted to and she could understand why. But she needed to know that he would be safe.

Link looked at her. His ears drooped seeing that she was crying. He gently picked her up and held her to his face. “Navi, no tears. I’ll be fine. I will win and get my prize. You’ll see, so please don’t cry for me.” He smiled at her hoping to cheer her up.

Navi looked at him as she moved to the edge of his hand. She stared up into his blue eyes. “I-I” she went to say but she looked away blushing. She then glanced at the teens lips. Without thinking she moved up and kissed him right on the lips. She wanted to say she loved him but instead her actions said what she could not.

At the moment of lips touching there was a flash and the two looked at where it came from. They looked like they were a couple of deer caught in headlights as another flash came. Now the two were red as a beet totally and completely embarrassed as they realized it was Eznik and his damn camera. The look on their faces was truly priceless. Eznik grinned at the two as he held his camera with such pride.

“W-what was that FOR?!” Navi shouted. She jumped off Link’s hand and flew after the camera. She was bright red. She grabbed the camera and tried to pull it from Eznik. “You were supposed to be TALKING to that bitch of a sister of yours not pestering us with your weird sense of humor!!” she squawked as she tugged at the camera.

As for Link he too was bright red. He was paralyzed with embarrassment. He couldn’t believe that he had just been kissed just as Eznik walked in taking a picture of it. Could things get any worse? The blond covered his face with his hand. He could feel that he was blushing very badly. He thought about running out of the room.

Eznik chuckled as he watched Navi acting so hysterically. “Aw, but it was so sweet I had to get a picture. These are moments to be remembered.” the green-haired doctor insisted. Navi glared at him. “What do you have radar for embarrassing moments?! Now give me that Camera!” she snapped as she used all her strength to pull it away. She had no chance to get it but she kept trying. After all, he had taken a picture of her kissing Link!

Eznik smiled at Navi and shook her off the camera. He pocketed the camera and looked at Link. “You ok Link?” he asked the obviously embarrassed teen. Link didn’t move he just kept his face buried in his hands. He felt a hand on his head and he looked up at Eznik. He could feel that he was still bright red. His ears drooped.

Eznik smiled at him. “Hey, it’s ok. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You should be happy she feels that way about you.” He looked over at Navi who was looking away from the two of them. She was furious while still blushing. She then looked at Eznik and noticed the bruise on his face. “What? Did that bitch hit you?” she questioned him.

Ezniok looked at her rubbing his bruise. “Oh, I deserved it. I pissed her off. I said some really nasty things to her just like she did to you.” He smiled. Navi didn’t believe the overly caring doctor would do such a thing. “What exactly did you say?” she asked.

Eznik looked at her and then sat down in a chair. “Let’s see, I told her that she was a bitch and other nasty remarks that stabbed into her shriveled heart. I probably shouldn’t have said some of the things but, I can be just as cruel it seems when I see fit.” he admitted as he smiled innocently.

Navi looked at him and then to Link. The teen was staring at the ground still bright red. He put his hand to his lips. He was trying to figure out the kiss Navi had gave him. He looked up at Navi and Eznik who were staring at him. He eyes went quickly back to the ground. He didn’t know what to say. He was only wishing they would stop looking at him.

Eznik chuckled watching these two innocents. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes. “If you two want I can show you your room.” He looked at the two wondering what they would say. Had he just set their embarrassment to a new level?

Link looked at Eznik and then to the ground. He nodded a little as he stood up slowly. “If you don’t mind, do you think you could show us the room. I…uh… could use some rest.” He got brave enough to speak even with him still blushing a bit. He wanted to ask Navi about the kiss and try to clear his mind of what had happened. This stuff along with the crap from Autum he was in quite a state and he needed to remedy it quickly.

Eznik stood up and walked towards the hallway. “Follow me.” he said smiling. He was a little surprised that the teen had spoken up. He looked too shy and embarrassed to speak. “You realize you are blushing.” he laughed. Eznik just couldn’t help himself.

Link looked away from Eznik. He turned a little redder since Eznik had pointed out he was blushing. Eznik smiled watching the teen’s reaction. He smiled to himself proud of these sweet kids but just then he noticed Navi who was glaring at him. He figured she was mad at him for making the situation even more embarrassing for the two of them. Eznik then walked down the hall as the two followed.

Eznik opened up the spare room. “It’s not much but at least more comfortable than the cock pit.” He smiled at the two and then glanced to his sister’s door that was nearby.

Link looked at Eznik and walked into the small room. Navi dove into the room still embarrassed. Link looked at her and then looked back at Eznik. “T-thank you” he said quietly. Eznik smiled at him. “I’ll come and get you two when its time. Get some rest and prepare yourself for the fight ahead.” He walked away. He glanced at sister’s room. He knew that he had hit his sister hard with the words he had said. He thought she deserved it for what she had done to Link and Navi. He also had other personal reasons why he had said those words. But on the other hand she had hit him pretty hard too.

Link shut the door to the room and looked back at Navi. He walked up to the bed and sat down. He let out a sigh as he gathered his thoughts trying to decide what to say to his friend. He looked at her as she flew up to him.

“Link, I’m sorry I just got wor-” She looked at him as he put his finger to her mouth. She blushed looking at him. She grabbed the tip of his finger. Link looked at her and took a deep breather. “Navi, do you like me... um… more than a friend” he questioned her the best way he could.

Navi looked away from him wanting to fly away. Link gently cupped his hands around her and brought her onto the bed. He set her down. Navi looked up at him. She was bright red. She nodded a little looking away. She wished that she had never kissed him. It was stupid and now she was stuck here having to talk about it.

Link looked away from her letting everything sink in. His ears drooped as he thought of what to say. He didn’t have words to express and he couldn’t even define how he felt towards her. He looked at her blushing.

“I don’t know what to say Navi.” he said quietly as he looked at the bed. “I never even thought about it.” He glanced at her. Navi looked away from him. “I shouldn’t have done that Link. I’m sorry.” She jumped up to fly off, but Link grabbed her leg.

Navi looked at him. She couldn’t hide the tears running down her face. Link looked at her and kissed her softly on her head. “Navi it’s ok. No crying ok, we’ll figure this thing out.” He smiled at her hoping he had the right words for his sweet friend.

Navi looked up at him and whimpered. She rubbed her eyes looking away. “It’s just I…” She looked up at him. “You don’t have to explain yourself Navi.” Link said as he set her on the bed and lay next to her so he was face to face.

Navi looked at him as he lay next to her. She stared into his blue eyes thinking about what he had said. She then sat on the bed looking at the bed. She felt like her small little dream shattered because of something stupid she did.

Link rolled onto his back and stared at the ceiling. “Don’t think too deep about what I said Navi. Right now I have my mind on a lot of things. I like you Navi, but I don’t know what feelings are mine and what aren’t. I know I’m probably not saying the right things, but I never dealt with this before…” He closed his eyes knowing he could be making this worse for Navi.

Navi looked at him. She stood up and flew up on his chest. She lay on his chest and closed her eyes. She listened to his heart pound and his steady breathing. It was something that always seemed to calm her down. She nodded a little as she rested on the teen. “I understand.” she said quietly as she curled up on him.

Link glanced at her and then looked back at the ceiling. He needed to get his mind into fighting, not on how he felt about Navi. He had to be ready for a fight that could cost him his life if he messed up. He can’t let what happened last time happen again. He couldn’t risk it. He had to win this fight. He closed his eyes drifting off into a sleep to calm himself.



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-Fanfic by Bratchan

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