The teen sighed as he walked down the hall. The fight reran through his mind. He had made a lot of mistakes during that sparring match. His self-esteem had been delivered quite a blow. Unfortunately as he ran those thoughts of defeat through his head they led to other painful memories, memories that weren‘t his. Link leaned against the wall and held his head as he was overtaken by these memories.

“You ok, Link?” asked the concerned faerie of her dear friend. “Is it more bad memories??” Link nodded as he closed his eyes. He let out a small whimper as he sustained leaning against the wall. He looked up at the ceiling praying for relief from the repetitive pain.

Memories of past lives consumed the teen. Times of killing people brutally and without remorse reran in his mind. Memories of people, he had never even met revisited his thoughts. Reborn and renewed memories of meeting women whom he loved but never had laid eyes on replayed in his mind. Other displaced memories of visiting lands that he’d never set foot upon reawakened in his thoughts leading him down a desperate road of mental anguish. The feelings and wounds of these memories felt fresh and so real to life to the teen. Memories not his and yet they lived in his mind as if so.

Link slid down the wall and hugged his legs pulling them close. He buried his face in his knees. He looked like a small child as he curled up in such a defenseless posture. Navi watched him helplessly. She didn’t know how to help him whenever this happened. She leaned against him with her gaze cast at the ground.

Eznik came walking down the hall when he noticed the two. He jogged up to them and bent down. Navi and he looked at one another. She glanced to Link, shaking her head. She didn’t know what to say. Eznik watched her seeing her despair and then looked to Link.

Eznik gently put his hand on the teen’s head. “Link.” he whispered to the young boy in deep concern. The teen slowly moved his head out of his knees. He’s eyes were red and tear-filled. There were a couple of tears that had escaped down his cheek. His eyes were filled with emotion, yet painfully empty at the same time. He looked at Eznik and then away.

Eznik sat on the ground next to the teen. “You want to talk about it, Link?” The teen didn’t look at Eznik. The teen didn’t respond at all. He didn’t know if Eznik would understand or not. Besides he had never been any good at talking about what was happening to him. Eznik looked at Navi who was obviously worried about Link. Her attention was fully focused on her friend.

“My guess is this kind of thing occurs frequently.” the doctor diagnosed as he looked back at the teen. Link nodded a little but did not make eye contact. He figured he probably didn‘t look like much of a man now, sitting there crying and full of emotion. He, no doubt, didn’t look like much of a fighter either, just a frighten child. Why did the doctor have to see him like this? He did find some relief in the idea that Autum wasn’t present. She probably would rip him apart for appearing like such a baby.

“Let’s get you some clothes. I doubt you want to walk around shirtless and in those tattered pants.” the Doctor said kindly. Eznik knew that it was better to just change the topic. He knew that this might get Link’s mind off of whatever was bothering him. Eznik doubted it was home sickness because by the looks of it this teen was use to traveling.

“I’m sure Miss Navi will enjoy helping you pick out some clothes.” Eznik offered. He then winked at the small distraught faerie. The little faerie perked up. “Yeah Link! Come on! Let’s go! Get up! It‘ll be fun!” she fluttered in front of the teen’s face hoping to cheer him up some.

Link rubbed his eyes. He looked at her and tried to smile. He slowly stood up and looked at Eznik. He wobbled a little as he got his balance. “You have something that will fit?” he asked hoping that he might just get his tunic back. Eznik chuckled a little. “Of course… wouldn’t want to ruin Navi’s fun.”

Link looked away from Eznik rubbing his face with his hand. “Are you going to tell Autum about this?” Eznik looked at the teen. He figured he must be talking about him breaking down. Eznik smiled, his guess was the old traditional men don‘t cry. “If you think she would shove this in your face, you’d be wrong. Tears show strength in a person. It’s a hundred times harder to cry than stand firm. Furthermore it shows that you don’t kill people just to shed some. Shows you have a heart, something I’m sure my sister admires in you. So how about we get to more important matters such as some clothes for you.” “Yah!” agreed the faerie.

The doctor waved at the two to follow. He walked into another room. It looked a lot like the room that Link and Navi were staying in, but there were a few differences. One was the bags on the bed. Also there were some drawings on the wall. One of the drawings looked like a group picture and Eznik was in it.

Link and Navi studied the drawing. There were two red-headed girls standing next to Eznik on his left. One had cat ears and a tail; the tail and ears were white with orange tips. As for the other girl she had on a large pair of overalls. Her hair was spiky and looked rather unnatural. Behind the redheads was a young purple-haired boy. He was taller than the two redheads. He had long rather weird looking ears. They looked almost elf-like but had skin that went over the ear. To the right of Eznik was a black woman. She had what looked like rat ears. She also had a long rat tail. She was leaning against Eznik and had one hand on the purple teen’s head behind them.

There was also a man with maroon hair. He had leaves and vines that covered his skin. The plant life wrapped itself around the man’s clothing. There was another short girl that had light teal skin. She had green markings on her skin as well as blue hair. Next to the girl was a young red-headed boy. He didn’t look too happy in the drawing.

The doctor looked over at the two as they perused the drawing. He could see they were rather absorbed in it. “My daughter drew that.” he disclosed as he took a quick glance at the drawing. It brought back memories of good times as well as bad. Link and Navi looked to him as he then stated with a smile “The two red-heads on my left side are my daughters. They’re adopted but they’re mine. As for the rest of them, they are the crew that my daughters’ assembled.”

Link walked up closer to the drawing. He studied each of the individuals. “What an odd group of people.” he thought. “Wonder what he means by his daughters assembled? What was the purpose of this crew?” He looked back at Eznik who was digging through the bags of clothes on the bed. “Where are your daughters now?” he questioned the doctor.

The doctor smirked and grabbed a bag tossing it to the teen. Link was a little startled but he caught it. “Those should fit.” the doctor said avoiding the question the teen had asked him. He glanced back at the drawing on the wall. He’s eyes darted to his daughters’ likenesses. He thought about where they could be, but he really didn’t have a clue. He only hoped that they were fine.

Link looked at Eznik. He realized he had hit an emotional spot in the doctor. Link next looked at the bag of clothes that the doctor had given him. He then looked back to Eznik not sure as if to trust him or not. By the looks of it he liked to do stuff to piss off people.

Navi looked at the bag and then also to the doctor. He seemed to be deep in thought. She bit her lip trying to decide if she wanted to butt into Eznik’s private life or not. Navi glanced at Link who was studying the bag he was holding.

‘You sure the person won’t mind…”Link asked timidly hoping to get the doctor out of the trance. Eznik laughed a little as he looked back at Link. “The young man who owns that hasn’t been here for a couple of weeks. So he won’t notice if some of his clothes are missing.” Eznik stated as he pointed to the purple-haired boy in the drawing. “It’s his. He runs his own taxi service, so he travels a lot.”

The blonde let out a small sigh of relief and walked over to a chair. He set the bag down on it. Navi flew off of his shoulder and jumped onto the bag. She started to pull out clothes out of the bag, tossing them to and fro. “Hah! A green shirt, Link! Look, I found a green shirt!” she bellowed excitedly seeing that Link was returning to his old self. She always liked Link in his green tunic so this shirt would do fine she thought. She flew up holding a dark green shirt to Link. It had a hole in the side of it.

“Looks like it’s got a tear in it Navi.” the teen pointed out not too impressed. He then looked over at the doctor who was chuckling. ‘”That’s how the shirt’s suppose to look. You know with that hole in it. It’s the current fashion around here.” “Ha! You can’t fight fashion.” giggled Navi a she dropped the shirt into Link’s hand.

Link looked over the shirt that was dropped into his hand. He sighed a little and put it on. It fit the teen rather well. He looked at the hole that was on his side. It felt a little weird but he knew if he said something he would probably have to try on many different shirts. Something he was not in the mood for.

Navi flew up holding a pair of black pants. They were covered in chains and pockets. Link’s ears drooped as he looked at the pants. “The fashions are rather weird here.” he concluded. “Wow, you think you can wear them Link?” the faerie questioned her friend. “I bet you’d look good in them.”

Link looked at them and started to tell her exactly what he thought of the pants. He jumped a little as Eznik put his hand on his shoulder. The teen looked at Eznik. “There not that bad of pants. They’re really comfortable and easy to move in. With all that’s been going on around here; I never had time to clean up or mend your clothes. But now that things have settled I’ll get that taken care of. So you won’t have to wear these clothes too long since I can tell they make you rather uncomfortable.” he said with a smile to reassure the blonde that he could live with wearing these weird clothes for a little while.

Link nodded as he took the pants. He didn’t like wearing such heavy pants but with Eznik’s assurance that he wouldn’t be stuck in them too long he agreed. Eznik looked at Navi and Link then walked out of the room. Navi flew after him to give Link some privacy to change. “Thanks.” Navi said as she landed on Eznik‘s shoulder. “For what?” he quizzed Navi. The faerie looked back at the door to the room they just left. “Thank you for all that you’ve done for us and all that you continue to do especially getting him up and moving. He usually just sits down like that for a couple of hours when he gets in that ambiance.” Eznik patted her on the head. “It was nothing; it was the best thing to do at that moment.” He then looked at the door and chuckled out loud.

There stood the young teen. The expression on the blonde’s face screamed help me. He looked to Eznik as he continued to chuckle. Link looked away embarrassed. Navi laughed a little at the expression on Link’s face as she flew up in front of him. “You look nice.” she smiled.

There was a flash of light and the two looked at the doctor who stood there grinning holding his camera. He chuckled a little and took another picture. Their expression was priceless and he had to get pictures

“Why are you doing that!? Why do you and your sister enjoy embarrassing others so much?” Navi shouted at the doctor. She was a little red as she was awfully close to Link’s face when the picture was taken. Eznik just laughed as she had a hissy-fit about him taking pictures. Link smiled as he watched the two quarrelling. Link’s attention then focused down the hall to where the medical wing was.

“Link?” The small faerie called to her friend leaving her argument with Eznik behind. She hovered in front of him. Link looked at her and tried to fake a smile. The images of the memories still ran through his head. He was trying hard to keep his mind off of them.

“Did Autum wake up?” the blonde questioned the doctor. Eznik looked at him and shook his head. “She might be up. She could have been faking that she was out cold just to get me out of the room.” he guffawed.

Navi looked at Link then flew up and sat on his shoulder. She still was a little jealous that Link seemed to care so much about Autum. She looked at the ground and sighed to herself. She leaned against Link’s neck and closed her eyes. She tried to think about what Eznik had said about his sister being too old and all, so she wouldn’t get so worked up about the issue.

Eznik started to walk back down the hall. “Let’s go see if my bitchy sister is awake.” he smiled chuckling. Link followed slowly behind. He was looking out the windows as they passed by. The endlessness of space seemed to comfort him in some odd mystical way.

In the medical wing Autum opened her eyes to the soft hum of her cell phone. She let out a sigh as she pulled out her phone from her pocket. She stared at the name on the phone. She then sat up and pushed a couple buttons on the phone. “My guess is you already got your arm reattached and the DP didn’t kill you.”

“That’s a very good guess, Black Ash. And as for my assumption, I’m guessing that the poison on my blade didn’t affect you much at all, since I’m talking to you right now.” He seemed rather pleased that the assassin was alive. “I’d like to finish our little fight, unless of course you don’t care for my offer.”

“Where do we meet?” she snapped not wanting the idle chat of the conversation to last long. She wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. “There’s a planet nearby, Teisal. We will meet there in an hour. Coordinates 29.38. 395 diow. Hopefully you can translate those. I will see you there in an hour.”

Autum grabbed a piece of paper. She started to scribble down the information. She glanced up to see her brother standing at the door to her room. She noticed the blonde next to him who was peering into the room also. She sighed a little in exasperation knowing her brother and the elf-boy probably overheard her conversation.

Autum looked back down at the paper. She closed her eyes and sighed as she closed the phone. She gathered her composure and looked at the group at the door. “I got a So I need you to fix me up as best you can.”

Eznik sighed and walked into the room. “I’m guessing that was Link’s and your toxic friend?” he speculated as he sauntered over to some shelves. He grabbed a couple of vials and looked back at his sister.

“I’m going with you.” Autum looked at Link as he walked into the room with his announcement. He sat down on a chair next to her bed. Autum leered at Link. “I don’t think so blondie. You get to stay here and play dress up.” she chortled as she studied his outfit.

Link looked at her very genuinely. “I’m going with you, Autum. It is my fight as well.” Autum looked at him and then to Navi who was resting on his shoulder. “You should be happy, you’re alive. You know that man thinks you’re dead and by all rights you should be. You should count your lucky stars. This way you both get to live, boy. Are you forgetting that it almost got you BOTH killed last time. Are you really willing to risk it all yet again for just a small proffer?”

Link looked away thinking. He closed his eyes. “Yes…Absolutely.” Autum looked at the blonde now rather curious what his prize was. “Alright tell me what he offered you. Let’s see if it’s really worth it, boy.” Autum looked up at Eznik as he walked up next to her. He started to take off her bandages.

Eznik looked at the teen also wondering what he was offered. He had a pretty good idea what his sister was offered and wondered if the teen’s offer had as much merit as hers. He started to clean his sister’s wound and apply different medicines.

“As Navi told you I’m the Hero of time. Ever so many generations the hero is reincarnated to fight the evil that is reborn. I have memories of every hero that once fought the evil. I get the emotions, thoughts, and the pain of their wounds. They are intense flashbacks and it feels so real, feels as if it’s happening to me right then but they’re only memories and not even my own. Still I get to relive them over and over. I have inherited the memories of all the Heroes who had once fought for Hyrule. They’re tormenting, draining and depressing; a heavy weight to carry. Our toxic friend said he would rid me of all of it. He could make it disappear. “ Link spoke as he looked at the ground.

Navi looked at Link. She knew Link had actually dropped his guard to tell this woman something so personal. She glared at Autum. “What were you offered…a heart, perchance? ” Navi interrogated the assassin. She looked at Navi and then to Link. “We made a deal. If I won then I would be privy to what he was offered. If he had won you would be privy to what I was offered.”

Navi looked at her and then to Link sighing. What an exasperating woman, she thought. Link observed Eznik as he pulled out a device. It looked like a gun. He shot it next to Autum’s wound. Autum let out a small cry as she closed her eyes. “You are staying here on Eznik’s ship, got it, Boy.”

Link stood up and walked up to Autum. “I’m going with you. Have you got it? There is no stopping me…No matter what I will end up there with that man.” Autum looked at the teen’s eyes summing up his determination. She glared at him and grabbed the teen’s arm. She pulled him close so he was right in her face. “If I take you and you interfere with my fight I will personally kill you myself boy. You understand me???? I really don‘t care if your some hero or not.” she snapped.

The blonde nodded as he looked at her. He glanced down at her hand. He felt the cold metal of her hand. He glanced up at her eyes. “What happened to your hands?” he interrogated her. “This metal actually comes in handy in battle, doesn’t it.” Autum looked at him as she released him. She then looked at her hands.

Autum looked back at the blonde. It was a very clever way to change the subject. This ended the chat and basically meant she was taking him. She sighed a little knowing she was going to be dragging the teen along with her. She then looked down at her hands. “I lost them in a war I was in when I was younger. I got my fingers cut off and the metal parts were the replacements.” she explained as she examined her hands.

Link watched her study her hand. He was rather curious about the weird metal used to restore her hands and about the war she was in. “Just how did you lose them in the war?’ He looked up at her. Their eyes met and she quickly looked away from the teen. Autum looked at her side as her brother started to redress her wound.

“I was young and foolish. I got captured.” She held up her right hand as she remembered what had happened. “They cut off my fingers one by one. It was a method of torture to get me to talk. They needed to know what my general’s plans were. Once I was alone with one of the guard’s who thought he could have his way with me, he learned most effectively that my blood was acidic. I killed the bastard and escaped. Being in a war the most efficient way to fix my hand was to replace the parts with robotic digits.” she contended as she glanced at the teen who seemed to be drawn in by her story.

Navi listened to the story as well as she studied Link‘s reaction. He seemed to be mesmerized by this assassin. Jealously filled the small faerie and she closed her eyes to her misery. As much as she told herself that Link didn’t like Autum that way, it still bugged her. How could this one enemy bring these two people so close? Link had had common enemies with others before but it didn’t draw them close. What was it about this enemy, the prize he offered?

Eznik chuckled a little and put his hand on Autum’s head. She let out a low growl as she closed her eyes in annoyance of her brother. “Well I offered to replace her fingers, but she found her current hands actually enhance her fighting style as you‘ve no doubt noticed. As for your wound Autum it should be healed up in about thirty minutes, as long as you don’t strain it. My guess it will take longer than that to get to your meeting place.”

Autum looked at Eznik and smirked. “Sounds like you’re trying to get rid of me.” Eznik chuckled. “I just know how you like to take care of business. Or would you rather continue with your life story.” Autum scoffed at her brother. The doctor looked at Navi. “I’m guessing that you and I are going for the ride as well?” He smiled at her.

Navi nodded. Of course she was going, she wasn’t going to leave Link alone with that assassin. She looked at Autum who was holding her head irritated at her younger brother. “I should have known you would do something stupid.” She sparked as she glared at her brother in her outrage. “The same goes for you two. You step in middle of my fight I will kill you. And my brother knows my threats aren’t a joke.” She shot her glare at the faerie.

Eznik got off the bed. He walked over to a shelf and grabbed a bag off of it. He tossed it onto his sister’s bed. “We’ll be taking your ship correct?” he asked glancing back at his sister. She nodded a little as she looked at the teen. She had a bad feeling about taking the blonde. He’s not ready though she couldn’t deny his skill. What if he got lucky and beat the man? And the man probably would want to finish the charge with the boy before he fought her. That means she’d risked her prize and that was something she wasn’t going to lose. And if he did kill the blonde she had a feeling it would affect her more than she would want it to.

“Get your stuff Eznik… I’ll show you two to my ship.” she said as she got off the bed and headed out of the room. She was still in pain. The assassin held her side as she walked. She had to decide quickly, subdue the teen and keep him here or let him come.

“Are you sure about this Link?” Navi questioned the blonde. He nodded a little following Eznik’s sister. He could tell that she was still in pain. He jogged up next to her and grabbed her arm. He tossed it over his shoulder to help her.

Autum shot a glare at him. She then sighed as her expression warmed up. “You have way too kind of a heart to be a fighter you know that, boy. No wonder your little faerie likes you so much.” She looked at the odd couple and then turned her head away. She knew that she was nothing like him. She was a heartless fighter and death was all she truly knew.

Link blushed and looked down the hall. He then glanced over at Autum, she didn’t seem to be this heartless fighter that she portrayed herself to be. To him, she just had a strong front to protect herself. It was something probably quite necessary being a woman fighter. He smiled at Autum.

“If he wants to fight me, you won’t get into my fight. Got it?” Link asserted. Autum looked at him and then ahead. “I rather not have you fight. If you win that means I won’t get my offer. Also I rather not have you get killed, because you’re little faerie will be heartbroken and I‘d never hear the end of it from my brother.”

Link looked ahead thinking about what she had said. Navi looked at Link and then flew up and sat on his head. “What’s so important to you, Autum? Why do you want this offer so bad?” she questioned the assassin.

Autum looked at Navi and then ahead. “My own personal reasons. As I said before your boyfriend and I had a deal. So I don’t have to tell you anything. All I have to say is this is my chance and I’m not going to lose it. Not even to the hero of time.” she snapped. She then looked ahead as they walked down the hallway.

Link looked at Autum and then to Navi. He didn’t like the look Navi had on her face. He knew it meant trouble. Navi flew in front of Autum glaring at her. “Link was kind enough to tell you! Even without the deal he would have told you if you’d asked. No, you’re just a selfish bitch! Your offer is probably for something really self-centered and greedy.” she spat at Autum.

Autum watched the faerie listening to what she had to say. The assassin then took center stage announcing…“You’re so right. Finally, you are seeing me for who I am. You see First off, I knew the bet between me and your little boyfriend was not fair. I knew I wouldn’t to have to reveal anything because I knew Link was at the disadvantage from not having his shield. Secondly, the gravity here is different and it affected him even without him realizing it. I used twisted tricks to upset him and you before the spar. I attacked after his sword appeared not allowing him time to find his balance or composure.” the assassin spat back at the faerie.

“Third point he uses his memories as a weight and a weakness. When he could be fighting at his best, in the back of his mind he worries about memories that aren’t his. And forth but not least your boyfriend sucks as a fighter. Hero, he is not. No wonder that fighter basically killed you.” She looked at Link glaring at him.

Link stared at Autum. He was in shock and felt like she had just stabbed him. He didn’t know what to say. She just ripped him apart. He had thought highly of her but now he was caught off guard by the surprise attack. He wasn’t sure about her. By the feel of it she just did it out of spite.

Autum moved her arm off his shoulder. “I can walk on my own. I was trying to be affable.” she said sarcastically as she walked up to a door. She pushed a few buttons on a panel and the door opened. She glanced back at the teen who, was standing at a halt, unsure of what to do.

Autum walked down the small hall to another door. She stood there a moment staring at the wall door. She did have a reason for being so cold-hearted and hateful to the teen. She had let herself get attached to him. That was a mistake so she took care of it. This way if she had to watch him die or kill him herself it wouldn’t bother her, wouldn‘t hurt her. Her offer was more important than having a friend.

Autum ran one of her metal fingers across the numerical pad. She couldn’t feel with her cold metal fingers and that’s how she needed to be with this boy. She pushed in a couple of buttons as the door slid open. She walked onto her ship leaving what could have been behind.



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-Fanfic by Bratchan

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