Hours passed as the two slept. The blonde stirred in his sleep. Link opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling. Staggering footsteps down the hall outside their room had awoken the teen. He sat up and looked down at Navi who was peacefully sleeping. He smiled while crawling carefully off the bed not wanting to wake her.

The teen looked at his friend and shivered a little. The teen was still shirtless, covered in bandages. He looked to the door. He could hear the footsteps getting closer. Without any hesitation the teen walked up to the door, opened it and walked out. Link’s eyes widen in shock, at his throat was a long broad sword. At the other end of it was a man with a black mask on. The blonde gulped as he still didn’t have a weapon to defend himself.

“Go back in your room now boy!” snapped the masked man holding the sword. The man wore dark red clothing which looked like he had armor underneath it. He had a hood that was attached to his dark mask so his hair couldn’t be seen. There was a cyan-colored strand of hair that hung out drooping over his mask. The man had his right hand against the wall supporting himself. He held the huge broad sword with only his left hand. He was breathing heavily Link had noticed. It sounded like he was badly injured.

Link backed up a little from the man. “I said get in your room, boy.” the man repeated. Just then he let out a cry in pain and he fell to his knees. He dropped his broad sword and held onto his side. He leaned against the wall. Link took a step towards the man. “If you’re going to try to help… go get Eznik, dammit!” he snapped at Link.

The blonde looked at the man then down the hall. He was out cold when Eznik took him to his room, so he had no clue where Eznik was now. “Go down the hall to the room next to the medical wing. It will say Eznik on it. Now go boy!” the man yelled at Link. He was in a lot of pain and needed a doctor.

The teen nodded and ran down the hall. The man leaned against the wall. He took his hand away from his side. It was covered in his own blood. “.. That bastard got me better than I thought.” he smirked under his black mask.

“Who got you good?” questioned the small faerie who was standing on the man’s broad sword. Navi was staring at the man. The man looked at her as he grabbed his side once more. “Well, look what we got here; a little nosey faerie. Why don’t you go run after your boyfriend.” he snapped.

Navi glared at him. She then flew up in his face. She was more than a little red. “If it wasn’t for Link, I doubt you would have made it down the hall to get Eznik!” she shouted at the man. “You should be thankful.” The man leaned his head against the wall ignoring the faerie.

“I been through a lot worse...” he said almost inaudibly. He closed his eyes under the mask. The pain of the wound was rushing through the man’s body. Navi watched him and then looked down the hall. She prayed Link would hurry back with Eznik.

“Eznik??” Link asked as he opened a door looking in. The room was quiet. There were a few book shelves and a desk with two monitor screens on it that lit the room. As for the doctor he was on his bed. He sat up and looked at the blonde. “Is everything ok?” he questioned the teen.

Link looked at him. “There’s a man here and he’s injured. He’s down the hall next to the room you let me rest in.” he said quietly. Eznik got off the bed and looked at Link. “Well, come on.” Eznik snatched his glasses off of a small table. He looked at the teen then ran out of the room.

Navi studied the man in the red armor. Something seemed off about him but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She guessed it was one of Eznik’s friends or just someone he treated a lot. Her face lit up as she saw Eznik and Link running up to them.

“By the sweet goddess, what did you get yourself into this time?” Eznik asked as he walked up to the man. “Well, it’s good to see you too.” the man answered sarcastically. The man looked at Eznik and then to Link. He would rather have the boy and his faerie go back in their room.

Eznik examined the wound. The cut looked rather familiar. He looked at the man. By the look on Eznik’s face the man could tell the doc was worried about the wound. The doctor began to tug at the man’s clothing. “Need to take off your armor.” The man grabbed Eznik’s hand and nodded at Link. “Tell your little friends to go back to their room.” he snapped at Eznik.

Link looked at the man just as Navi landed on Link’s shoulder. “We’ll leave.. Sheesh…” Navi said, she didn’t like this man too much. “Come on Link. Let’s go back to our room.” The blonde nodded and turned to go back into his room.

“No, you two are staying and as for you,” the doctor said looking at the wounded man in red, “you are taking off your armor.” “Damit Eznik! I don’t want your new found friends gawking over me! The last thing I need is for him and that nosey faerie to know what I look like!” Eznik smirked. “Alright…then tell me…who did this to you? Describe the being that did this. Because if I’m right…I’m afraid you may have some serious complications.”

The man stared at the doctor and sighed. “It was some man dressed in blue medieval armor. He had green eyes and brown hair tied back. Nothing that unusual that really stood out about him. He somehow found me and challenged me to a sword fight. There’s your description… happy? So you can tell the boy to leave.”

Eznik looked at Link whose expression told him the answer he needed. “You’ve been poisoned; the blade that man uses is coated with a poison that I’m not even sure there is an antidote for. At least I’m not sure what its cure is.” he conveyed rather concerned.

The man chuckled as the doctor told him about the poison. “Well that’s new, you not knowing the cure.” he sighed a little and closed his eyes to the pain.

“Wait a minute…if you’re suggesting this man was wounded by the same man that fought me then you’ve forgotten that I was in a different timeframe at the time. So I don’t think it could have been the same person.” instructed the young blonde.

“Different timeframe? That makes no difference to a warrior like that. Dimension travel is one of his specialties. And as for the poison I see this young one came out of it ok so I’m sure I’ll do fine. So doc fix my wound. And boy why don’t you and your little sweetheart go back to your room and give the wounded their peace.” the mask man bayed.

Eznik looked to Link and nodded at the man. “Come on, you get to help me carry him to the medical wing.” Eznik bent down and hoisted one of the man’s arms over his shoulder. The man looked at Eznik. “You are able to do this alone.” he snapped. Eznik just replied with a grin.

“Come on Link” Eznik said. The teen was reluctant since he could tell the man didn’t want him to help. Navi jumped off of Link’s shoulder as he walked up and helped Eznik. The man moaned in pain as the two lifted him to his feet. Link looked at the man and then to Eznik.

Eznik looked at the teen and nodded a little. “Let’s get him to the medical wing.” The three started to walk down the hall as Navi followed. “... Ez.. I’m getting really dizzy.” said the man quietly. Eznik glanced at him. “We need to hurry.” he said picking up the pace.

Once the group got into the room they set the man on a bed. The man held his side from the pain. “Alright now the blondie and his faerie are out of here.” he barked at Eznik. Eznik totally ignoring his patient pointed to a shelf. “Link there’s some bandages there. I need you to get them for me.”

Link looked at Eznik. Was he trying to piss off this man? The blonde nodded and walked over to the shelf. Navi looked at Eznik. “By the sound of it this man doesn’t want me or Link in here.” Eznik smiled as he grabbed some stuff to clean the man’s wound.

“Well I am the one treating the wound so what I say goes. The extra help will make this go faster.” the doctor said as he walked up to his patient. The man glared at Eznik from under his mask and let out a low growl. Eznik looked at the man and said. “Alright…off with the armor.”

“I’m not doing it with these two here. Got it” he snapped. Eznik set down the supplies on a small table. “Either you take it off or I drug you and take it off myself but either way your armor is coming off. Besides I doubt those two even know what the dimensional government is. By the looks of it they haven’t been through the merge. No- one’s identity is going to be compromised here. So just take it off.” he said as he looked at the man.

The man looked at Eznik and winced in pain. He sighed as he took off his hood revealing the long cyan hair that was hidden away under it. He took off his mask and chucked it on the ground. It revealed a woman in her late twenties.

Link stared at the woman who was behind the mask. He was shocked to see it was a female. He shook his head to get out of the stare. “Here are the bandages you asked for.” Eznik looked at the teen and smiled. He then looked at the woman as she took off the red cloth that hid her black tight armor. She tossed it to the ground. She then took off the chest piece of armor and tossed it at Link. “Catch.” she said looking to the shirtless blonde.

Link caught it as he looked to her. She was in a tight black tank top. Her arms where completely covered in black tattoos. His guess was that the rest of her body was covered as well. He studied her. She didn’t look to have a lot of muscle tone, yet she wielded the huge sword easily with just one hand.

When the woman looked over at him he turned his attention to the armor that she had tossed at him. He didn’t want to be seen staring at her. The armor was nothing he had seen before. It was very light and had a masculine look to it. This explained how she looked like a male inside of the armor.

“Link, whatever you do, don’t touch the blood on it. It will be acidic to you.” Eznik emphasized as he started to clean the wound on the woman. The woman let out small cry and glared at the doctor. Eznik smiled at her and then went back to cleaning the wound.

“What do you mean acidic? Aren’t you going to get burned by the blood?” Navi questioned Eznik as she fluttered near him. Eznik glanced at her. “Her blood will harm you and Link, as for me I‘ll be fine.” he smiled.

Link looked at Eznik then to the armor. He walked over and sat it on a chair. The teen looked at Navi who was now sitting on Eznik’s shoulder. “So who are you?” the small faerie questioned the woman. The woman looked at Navi and then shut her eyes. “I’m someone who wants you or your little boyfriend to leave the room to give the wounded their privacy. But this ass is keeping you in here to piss me off.” she stated as she sneered at the doctor.

“H-he’s not my boyfriend!” Navi cried out as she flew up off of Eznik’s shoulder. She was bright red. She quickly flew behind Link. Link looked at her and laughed. The blonde was a little red himself but it didn’t seem to bother him. He then looked at Eznik and the woman.

Eznik chuckled a little and then looked at the woman. “Did the dizziness go away?” he questioned her smiling. The woman nodded as she watched the doctor wrap her wound. “This is my sister Autum. I’m sorry she tends to be rather a bitch at times.” Eznik beamed looking at Navi and then to Link.

The blonde and the faerie looked shocked. The woman did have the same ears but her eyes were oddly red and her pupils were normal. They were nothing like the doctors spider webbed eyes. She also had a weird metal piece on her face. “Whoa. Whoa… that’s your sister?” Navi spat out as she looked at Eznik.

The woman looked at Navi and then lay back on the bed. “Why do you always bring strangers on your ship and then purposely do crap like this to piss me off?” she spouted as she looked at her brother. Eznik smiled at her and then spoke to Navi ignoring Autum’s question. “She’s my older sister.” He then looked back at his sister. “You feel any weakness, shortness of breath or headache?”

Autum shook her head and closed her eyes. “So, blondie you a sword fighter?” she questioned the teen. Link looked at her. “.. Er.. yes.” he said quietly. He wasn’t much for conversing with people. He looked over the chest plate that the woman had been wearing.

“Are you a mercenary or some ‘hero’ type?” Autum continued to question him. “He’s the hero of time.” Navi spoke up with pride. She didn’t like this woman one bit, even if she was Eznik’s sister. Autum opened one of her eyes and looked at the faerie.

Autum then closed her eye and sighed a little. “What about you miss?” Link asked. Navi looked at Link a little shocked. Did he like her?! No, that would be outrageous. He… he just met her and besides like Eznik said she’s a bitch. Autum smirked a little “I’m an assassin for hire.”

Eznik watched the two chat along with Navi who was looking rather jealous. He smiled to himself and walked over to where Link had put the armor. He studied the hole in it and then glanced at Autum. She was lucky that she wore armor or she would have been killed.

Navi looked at the said to be assassin then back to Link. She wondered of this chit chat between them. It was so unlike her blonde friend. Link walked up next to Autum and looked at her. Something about her seemed to bring out his curiosity which always ended up with him in trouble. “What about your sword. How can you wield such a huge sword with only one hand?” he asked.

Autum opened her eyes, hearing the teen’s voice closer to her. “Its enchanted… that’s all. You better watch it your girlfriend is getting jealous.” she said looking at Navi, who had turned bright red again. Autum closed her eyes smirking; the teen was a little red as well.

“H-he’s not my boyfriend I told you!” Navi spat out. She looked at the woman and then to Link. She got a little redder as she looked at the teen. Navi then flew out of the room. She was extremely embarrassed. She never had this problem before, but she also never had anyone call her Link’s girlfriend before.

“Navi??” called out Link as he watched her fly out of the room. He went to follow but he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked back at the doctor. “You stay here with Autum. Trust me you’ll be fine. You’re way too young for her, lad.” Eznik laughed as he walked past the teen. He looked back at Link. “I’ll talk to Navi, if Autum’s condition changes at all please come and find me.”

Link nodded as the doctor vanished out of the room. The blonde looked back at Autum still trying to figure out what upset Navi. Autum looked at the teen. She sat up and winced a little. “My guess is you’re not much of a lover boy.” she laughed. The blonde looked at her a little confused and blushing a tad bit.

“That faerie likes you more than you think. That’s what got her upset, but by the looks of it you never noticed. Which means either you’re too dense to see it or you’re more of a fighter than you show? My guess is the second because your eyes show you been through a lot of battles.” Autum stated as she stared at the teen who looked totally shocked by her assumptions.

Link looked at her then turned away. The woman just met him yet she could read him like a book it seemed. The blonde sighed and looked back at her as he did he let out a small yelp as the woman was now right in his face. “Well Blondie, I believe I found your weakness.” she gibed and then lay back on the bed.

“My weakness?” the bright red teen questioned the woman “How can you tell that when you haven’t even fought me.” The cyan-haired woman opened her eyes and looked at him. “You can’t read your opponent? Reading your opponent is an important part of fighting. When you can, it gives you the advantage. Reading people will give you a little insight of their style. My guess is you wield a one-handed sword possibly with a shield and that you’re not around lot of women so fighting one would make you very nervous and off-balance.”

The blonde stared at her and then to the ground. She was right about the weapon he wielded and the thing about women. He didn’t realize his faults could be so easily recognized. Now that he knew he’d learn to conquer them. He’d be more careful so not to reveal more than he already has. The teen sighed and sat down on a chair next to the bed.

“I can’t believe that woman!” Navi snapped as she paced around on the bed. “I don’t have feelings for Link like that! He’s not my boyfriend. She just does that to get his attention so he’ll like her more! She’s jealous because I’m with him, yeah that’s right.” she said finally coming to a conclusion she liked.

“Sounds more like you’re the jealous one.” the doctor said as he leaned against the door frame smiling. Navi looked at him “N-no, I’m not!” Eznik chuckled a little. He walked up and sat on the bed. He looked down at Navi who sat on the bed staring down.

“First off, there’s no need for you to get jealous over my sister. Your friend is way too young for her.“ the green-haired doctor said trying to calm her down a little. “But then why was Link asking her things? Why was he so interested? He usually barely speaks to strangers...” said the small concerned faerie looking up at him.

“They’re both fighters so they connect a lot easier. Another thing is they both realize they have a common enemy. That will be one thing that will bring them closer, just to find that enemy’s weak points. Second point, Link is about 16 or 17 is my guess and that’s way too young for my sister. I mean I’m 27 so that makes my sister even older. You see no worries.” he stated as he smiled at her.

Navi looked at him then looked at the bed. “Just… you know …it’s hard. He never talks to new people a lot. Yet there he is talking to your sister like he’s known her for years.” Eznik held out his hand to her. Navi looked at it and climbed on.

Eznik brought his hand up to his face and looked at Navi. The faerie looked at him and then sighed. “Just shows you care. You just need to learn not to let other people bug you so much.” the doctor suggested with a grin. “About all my sister will do would be help him become a bit more social and teach him something’s about fighting. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?”

Navi looked at him and nodded a little. “Ok.. “ she said shyly. She was still worried about Link. She looked at Eznik and sighed. He smiled at her as he rose from the bed. He held her to his shoulder. She climbed on and sat down as Eznik walked them out of the room.



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-Fanfic by Bratchan

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