The groups’ smiles turned to dismay as they saw standing at the door three outsiders. These strangers had their eyes on them; watching them diligently.

There was a young girl with the same long ears as the boy, Zigor, on the drawing on the wall. She had an eye patch over her right eye and bright purple hair. She looked to be about 10 years old and looked quite similar to the boy in the drawing. Her clothes were a bit tattered; it seemed to fit her demeanor.

There was a man with black hair and four horns on his head standing behind her. He had a lit cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He possessed long distinctive ears that were quite different than the young girl’s. He had on a pair of blue-tinted sunglasses and underneath them were golden eyes that readily studied the group. He wore a blue shirt and khakis.

Standing next to the horned man was another man with black hair. He had green eyes that were stone cold. He was busy scrutinizing the group that was with Autum. One; he recognized as her brother, but as for the other two he wasn’t sure who they were. He only knew it truly didn’t matter; if they got in the way, they were dead.

“So, are you going to come with us voluntarily Autum or should we just kill you now along with your friends?” the green- eyed man inquired. He already realized she wouldn’t come quietly for she was known for being incredibly stubborn and besides she wasn’t stupid. He knew that it would come down to a fight but that is what he was hoping; for he craved the thrill of the fight.

Autum looked over the group as she pored over her options. She didn’t know who this little girl was, but her guess was that she was her replacement. She rose off the bed. “What do you think, Yoko?” Autum obstinately voiced as she held out her right hand. “Sabaku” Immediately her broad sword appeared in her hand. She glanced over at the teen that had stood up next to her.

“Kei, to my aid.” Link spoke as the master sword appeared in his left hand. He studied his opponents carefully. Was one of them Celtic? He looked at the man with the horns. He looked to be a demon, was it him? Was that man Autum’s husband; the man that sealed away her memories and left her behind?

Navi grabbed onto Link’s shoulder. She looked startled and a bit nervous. Navi knew that these people were the elites Autum had warned them about. She then looked at the little girl with the group, was this girl just another heartless assassin as well? She didn’t like the idea of Link fighting a child no matter how cold-blooded she was. Eznik was right; fighting in this battle was wrong.

“Good… this won’t be boring.” remarked Yoko as he glanced over at the horned man that accompanied him.”Celtic, you take the blonde teen. Tae, you watch Autum’s brother.” Yoko ordered as he pulled a short sword from his back. He darted at Autum and their blades clashed in a thunderous blaze.

Link looked at the two engaged in battle. He was a bit shocked at how fast the battle started. He glanced at the one called Celtic. He was going to have to fight Autum’s husband? Link remembered Autum saying he was an inferior fighter, but who knows over the years he could’ve learned.

Celtic looked at the teen. He let out a small sigh as he took a puff of his cigarette. He walked into the room towards the teen. He glanced casually over at Autum and Yoko who were fighting. He looked back at the teen. “Let’s do this the easy way, kid. You put up your sword, sit on the bed and then there won’t be any bloodshed.” he said as he tossed his cigarette to the ground. He always tried to avoid combat; he’d really rather not get cut up by a blade of a sword.

Link dropped his stance. Celtic didn’t want to fight; maybe he could talk him into helping them. Before Link could say a word, Navi beat him to the punch. “Hey! Why aren’t you helping your wife!? Instead you’re letting her do all the fighting.” She pointed over at Yoko and Autum. “You should be the one protecting her since you sealed up her memories.” She snapped at Celtic.

Celtic’s ears dropped as he glanced over at Eznik. He gave him the once over as he thought: did he open his big mouth and tell these two? Could it be that he told Autum?! His heart was racing. He wasn’t sure how to react. Anyway, he couldn’t help Autum, if he did there would be dire consequences. Even as much as he still cared for that woman he couldn’t fight against the government.

“Celtic…” A small voice spoke next to him. “Stop being a coward and just kill the boy.” Tae looked coldly at Link and Navi. She’d rather not have Celtic do something stupid that she’d have to fix. “If you don’t; I promise you I will Celtic.” She glared up at him.

Celtic closed his eyes. He couldn’t let his emotions get to him. He knew that this was just a test of his loyalties to the government. It was their sick game. He thought as long as he put on a good act he could just drag out the fight then he wouldn’t have to kill the two; for Yoko would just beckon them all to leave after they got Autum. Celtic darted at Link. He started to chant as he held out his right hand. A black aura quickly surrounded his hand. Link did the first thing his instinct said to do he slashed at Celtic with his sword. In spite the fact that Celtic didn’t wield a weapon, he swung his blade at him.

Celtic held up his left forearm blocking the attack. Link’s blade sunk into Celtic’s arm. Celtic retched in pain but still managed to reach out and place his right hand on Link’s shoulder. He was in agony but he wanted to finish his attack. “Autum may have taught you how to summon a sword, but it comes with a price.”

Link looked at his blade that was sunken into Celtic’s arm. His ears perked in surprise as Celtic spoke. Just then Link felt something rush though his body where Celtic had touched him. He could feel Kei fading from him; the connection with his sword seemed to vanish. He looked at his hand that once wielded a blade. Kei was gone and the same seal that Autum had now covered his left hand.

Navi let out a shriek as she watched the master sword disappear. She jumped up and flew at Celtic. “You bastard!” she shouted. She grabbed Celtic’s ear pulling at it, she prayed his ears were just as sensitive as Link’s.

Celtic let out a cry as he reached back and grabbed her from his ear. “Let Go!” she screamed at Celtic. While Celtic looked down at Navi in his hand he was caught off guard as he was slammed in the gut by Link. He let out a small groan. Celtic bent over wheezing as he got the air knocked out of him. He let Navi go from the shock of the attack.

Link ducked low and kicked Celtic’s leg out from under him. Celtic let out a cry as he tripped backwards, hitting the ground. He looked up at Link who towered over him. He closed his eyes in defeat of the teen wondering what price was he going to pay.

Navi sat down on Link’s shoulder looking at Celtic. She looked at Link’s hand with the seal on it. She knew this was bad since Link was a sword fighter. Now because of this Celtic; Link couldn’t even wield his sword! “Since you yield, unseal his sword.” Navi demanded of Celtic.

“Celtic, you need to help Autum that guy’s going to kill her! You want her to die as well?” Eznik spouted at Celtic as he stood up from the bed. He feared for his sister’s life. He needed to talk some sense into Celtic before he made another mistake he couldn’t erase.

Tae looked to Celtic. The doctor was going to complicate their plans if he convinced Celtic that they were going to kill Autum. Even though that was their plan Celtic had been too naive to see it. She appeared behind Eznik. She grabbed his hand and the two vanished.

Link’s ears perked. He turned looking where Eznik once stood. “Eznik!?” Link let out a small whimper as he was tripped up by Celtic. Link hit the ground and he felt Celtic grab his arms pulling them behind him. Link struggled trying to get free of Celtic’s grip but it was no use. He had him dead to rights.

“Link!” Navi screeched as she flew over grabbing Celtic’s ears once again. She bit down hard. She had to help Link get free. She grabbed his ear as tight as she could so she wouldn’t get knocked off. She was going to make it so he would have to let go of Link to get her off.

Celtic shook his head wildly trying to flip Navi off. It hurt plenty but he rather not let this teen go. He didn’t want to fight. In the back of his mind what Eznik said ran through his thoughts. Could what he said be true? Yoko told him that this was just a mission to search down and retrieve Autum. He said nothing about killing her. Deep inside he was actually excited about the assignment for that meant he’d get to see Autum again despite the fact she wouldn’t remember what was between them. Still he knew that she would be captured and taken against her will but there was nothing he could do about such. He then slammed his head into the back of Link’s. He released the unconscious teen, letting him hit the ground.

Celtic next grabbed Navi pulling her off of his ear. He looked at the small faerie. Navi glared up at him. “Are you Stupid?! They want her dead! You’re going to get her killed because you won’t help her!” she snapped at him. She bit down on his hand trying to get free.

Celtic winced from the bite of the small fairy still it was nothing like the pain from her biting his ear. Celtic’s ears perked as he heard Autum. He looked over at her. She was on her knees; holding her side. Her blade next to her on the ground and she was staring up angrily at Yoko. She swung her hand at him trying to get her blood on him.

Yoko let out a small yelp as he stumbled backwards. He held his eyes in pain. She had gotten a bit of her blood in his eyes. It was burning his eyes intensely and he knew if he didn’t get his eyes taken care of right away he would go blind.

“Tae!” Yoko shouted as he held his sword in the direction where Autum was on the ground. He knew that she was in no condition to fight so he would be fine but he didn’t like the idea of losing sight of his prey. He felt a tug on his shirt. Tae had come to his aid.

“Celtic, you grab Autum! Hurry!” Tae snapped. She looked at Autum who was slowly getting to her feet. Autum glared at them. She stumbled backwards trying to get a little bit of distance from Tae and Yoko. She glanced at the teen that had fallen in this battle. She bit her lip, knowing this was all her fault. She looked over at Celtic who was holding Navi, would he turn her over?

Celtic looked at Autum. His heart racing as he was torn between two thoughts. Were they going to kill Autum or was this just a mission to capture her? He closed his eyes trying to pick one quickly. Eznik wouldn’t lie, right? He would just want to help his sister. It would make sense why Tae had to get rid of him if he was telling the truth. He looked at Tae with an expression of confusion.

Tae let out a growl as she dragged Yoko to Autum. She snatched up Autum’s hand and the three of them vanished, leaving Celtic behind. Celtic stared where Autum once was. His heart stopped, they left without him that meant Eznik was right.

“You Idiot!! Hopefully you can teleport like that girl! You have to go save Autum!” Navi snapped at Celtic. She couldn’t believe this man! Autum was right he was an idiot and it was going to cost someone their life if he didn’t get things together.

Celtic looked at the faerie; letting go of her. He shook his head a little. “I can’t teleport.” he resigned quietly looking at the ground. It was obvious he finally realized the trouble that Autum was in. He knew he should have listened to Eznik, but no… he had been too afraid to turn against the government.

“Then you know how to fly this thing, right? Am I going to have to tell you everything to do?! By the goddesses you are an Idiot!” Navi shouted at him. She flew up in his face. “Come on move, move, move!!”

Celtic got to his feet. He looked at Navi and then he darted out of the room. Navi looked at Link. “Link…” she sighed and then she flew after Celtic who ran to the bridge. She flew up to him and landed on his head. She watched him typing some buttons on the control panel. “Do you know how to work this?” she muttered having a feeling she was going to get an answer she wasn’t going to like.

Celtic frowned hearing the faerie’s cheeky tone. “Hey Autum changed the access codes since I’d been on here last, ok. Give me a break! I’m doing the best I can.” He typed a few more things in and there was a beep. He grabbed his head “DAMIT!” he shouted and hit the control panel. All of the lights went out in the room.

Navi tried to remain calm. She flew down on the control panel. She really wanted to yell at him and tell him what she really thought of him but she knew that wouldn’t help things. She could always yell at him later. “Alright, what is an access code? Is it like a password made up of numbers or words?” Navi questioned the devil.

Celtic looked at her. “Can be either of the two… It used to be Ashes of Rhea… but I don’t know now.” He sat in the chair in total despair. “By the fates, she’s going to get killed because I can’t figure out an access code.” He closed his eyes as his face grimaced.

Navi looked at him. He was emotional and in distress. He was going to be no help. She looked at the keyboard. She flew over and punched in a few letters. She jumped on the enter key when she was done. There were a couple of beeps on the control panel and a couple of screens lit up. Navi smirked and looked back at Celtic. “Memories… makes sense since that’s what she’s looking for.”

Celtic glanced at Navi not needing her reminder. He had enough guilt. He then moved forward in the chair and pressed a few buttons. “I just hope they didn’t get too far of a head start.” he sighed as he closed his eyes. He knew that he didn’t stand a chance against Yoko; at least Tae if he grabbed her she would be useless but Yoko was another story.

Navi looked him over. She let out a small sigh. “You think you can help my friend since you were the one that knocked him unconscious and sealed up his sword.” she bayed as she gave him a smug look. She did not care much for this devil but she was trying to stay calm as best as she could. Eznik was gone, Autum was going to be killed and the only fighter was unconscious!

Celtic looked at her. “Uh, yeah.” He nodded standing up. He headed to Autum’s room where Link was. His mind was a total jumble. He walked into the room and sighed. He studied the teen on the ground as he walked up to him.

Celtic bent down and put his hand on Link’s hand. He started to chant and the markings vanished. He sighed and sat on the ground next to Link. He closed his eyes knowing he should have listened to these people. Because he didn’t, who knows what was going to happen to Autum? He held his forehead trying to think of some halfway decent plan that didn’t involve getting someone killed.

Navi watched Celtic. She flew up and landed on his shoulder. “Do you know how to fight at all?” She quizzed. She needed to come up with some kind of plan for them to save Eznik and Autum. She looked disappointingly at Link who was still unconscious.

Celtic sighed as Navi questioned him. He pulled out a cigarette from his pocket. “Depends on what you call fighting.” He replied as he lit the cigarette. “I can seal up people’s powers, but it’s useless against someone like Yoko who is pure sword skills.” He decided that he’d rather not mention that he was a skilled fighter. Autum taught him how to fight while they were married. He just never wanted to show others that he could fight. He took a long relaxing drag off his cigarette. It was the way he learned to deal with his nerves.

Navi held her head a bit agitated. She waved the smoke from his cigarette away from her face. Link was the only one who could fight, Celtic could only seal up powers. As for herself all she could do is bite someone but mainly just get in the way. “Ok, what can you tell me about Yoko and that girl who was with him?”

Celtic took a puff off his cigarette. “Yoko is a highly-skilled sword fighter and he has a twin sister who is a sniper with a bow. Tae can teleport along with some mind illusions and such. That’s all I know about them. I may work with them but that’s as much as I paid attention to.”

Navi let out a sigh of frustration. This guy was useless! How could someone like Autum fall for such an idiot as this devil. “Are all devils as stupid as you??” she quizzed him. “I mean you’re really giving them all a bad name.”

Celtic scratched his head feeling unfairly judged. “I don’t know to be honest. I never met any other devils.” he sighed as he heard her cough a little from his cigarette. He used his finger to put it out as he looked over at Link. He doubted that this young teen could stand up against Yoko. Yoko was someone who craved a fight. It was all he lived for except for watching over his sister making sure she is ok.

Navi watched him put out the cigarette. She winced as she heard it sizzle on his finger. She sighed some. “Why didn’t you help Autum?” she interrogated. She needed to know what was going on in this guy’s head.

Celtic flicked his cigarette on the ground. “If I helped; it would have ensued something else.” He looked at the cigarette he had just tossed to the ground. He then felt Navi sit down on his shoulder. He sighed a little knowing what was coming next. “I guess you’re going to ask what would happen. “

Navi nodded a little looking at him. Celtic looked at Link. “If I help Autum, the government will kill Eznik’s and Autum’s younger sister. The one they thought dead.” He took off his sunglasses and twirled them in between his fingers.

Navi watched him fiddle with his glasses. She bit her lip as she thought about what he said. She thought about everything that was going on. She could only think of one thing to tell him. “Celtic, their sister is dead to them already. Let it be in the past and help Autum. You’re going to lose one of them, pick the one that isn’t in the past.”

Celtic looked at the ground. He closed his eyes tight. “How can I pick one? It’s a life either way.” he said quietly. Navi jumped off his shoulder and landed on his hand looking up at him. “I-I know I sound unfeeling, but this sister you said they both think she is already dead. I mean you lost your child, do you really want to lose Autum too?” She looked down; she couldn’t believe that she was helping him make this choice. Did she really like Autum that much?

Just then Navi noticed blood on Celtic’s arm. She remembered then that Link had slashed his arm during their fight. She glanced up at Celtic. “You should get your arm wrapped up before you bleed to death.” Celtic looked his arm over. He maneuvered it so to look at that large gash in it. While he did he let what Navi said run through his head. He didn’t want to lose Autum. Celtic heaved out a sigh. “I’ll be fine.” he said as he looked to Navi.

Navi stared at him stunned by his reply. “You’re bleeding pretty badly. I mean, doesn’t that hurt?” Navi asked for she didn’t need him injured making him even more useless. Celtic shook his head. “It doesn’t hurt. I’ve been through worse. I won’t be dying anytime soon.”

Navi held her head. What exactly is this devil? Does he really not feel any pain from the gash on his arm? Yet she remembered when she bit his ear he cried out in pain. Navi then looked over at Link. How she wished he was awake. He’d be able to help.

“So then should I not mention that their sister isn’t dead…is that what you’re saying?” Celtic said right out to the fairy. He decided that he was going to help Autum and he needed to know what to do. Navi looked at Celtic as she then nodded at him. Inside she was thinking that he really was clueless. She wondered how it was that he could be so stupid. She thought devils were sly and cunning but this guy was a joke. “How is it that you don’t know? How can you not know this stuff? Did you live in a hole all your life?”

Celtic stood up looking away from the Navi. She flew up off of his hand. “Actually I did…” he said quietly. He turned and walked out of the room leaving Navi with her unconscious friend. He glanced at the door, hoping she was not behind him. He’d rather not have that faerie follow him. She hit a deep nerve with him.

Navi winced as he answered. She watched him leave the room. She doubted by his expression that he had meant it as a figure of speech. She scratched her head. Her guess was that he fell in some hole and couldn’t find his way out of it, by how stupid he was.



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-Fanfic by Bratchan

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