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Heyo! This is Z311 giving you the brand new Fantasy Name Generator! This will give you a description or name of something, someone, or someplace you would like in your story! This is brand new and I'm just starting it. Feel free to contribute to the FNG. Thankyou, Zelda311.


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From: Exon

This sucks. It is too redundant. It keeps saying: "Your fantasy character name is Wenco" It's stupid.

From: Another fan

My case is the same as Exon, my fantasy character name is La.. what kind of name is that? seriously.. you need to fix this.

From: A Fish

It would be nice if you could get different names, so that you could have the option of actually picking a name you liked. As it is now, not so good.

From: Naturefang

I agree that the name generator is a bit limited with the one name thing, but my mane problem is the sword description, it gave me a sword with a literal Feather as a grip, I have a few problems with this.

1, how can a grip be a feather

2, how would a blades tang (The part of a blade hidden inside the handle that actual connects the two parts together) attach to that sort of material

and 3, a grip made of that sort of material is not only infeasible, it's actually a hindrance to the use of the weapon as it would not fit comfortably in the hand.


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