Timeline Base Twilight Princess
Gender Female
Race/Tribe/Ethnicity Horse
Hometown Ordon Village

After some horse training on the third day, Ilia sees that Epona has been injured jumping fences. Angered at Link's carelessness, she takes Epona to the Spirit's Spring to heal her injury. However, on this day, Link was supposed to deliver a gift from Ordon Village to Hyrule Castle. He cannot get there on time without Epona, so he runs after her with Colin, one of the village children. However, the road to the Spirit's Spring is blocked by Talo and Malo. Link gives them his Wooden Sword to pass by them. After traveling further into the woods, he discovers that the path to the Spirit's Spring has been blocked by a gate, but sneaks his way by it by crawling through a tunnel to the Spirit's Spring.

Link finds Epona and Ilia at the Spirit's Spring. He is forgiven by Ilia, but from out of nowhere, evil creatures known as Bulblins, riding huge mounts called Bullbos appear and kidnap Ilia, Colin and Epona. The distressed Link meets upon Epona in Kakariko Village, however, she has been agitated by the evil creatures and gone wild. Link is able to mount her and calm her down. When he rides back to Ordon Village with the good news that their children have been saved, Colin is taken by Bulblins again, however, he is able to chase after them and reclaim him.

Epona can be summoned if Link uses a special kind of grass to play "Epona's Song". Also, later in the game, Link receives Ilia's Charm, which he can use to call Epona from anywhere besides the Snowpeak and Gerudo Desert provinces, as well as dungeons and other selected areas.

She went missing in action at he Battle of Death Mountain.

Legacy of the Goddesses
Link | Princess Zelda | Epona | Fierce Deity Link | Skull Kid | Midna | Darbus | Ralis | Din | Nayru | Farore

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