Earth Magick is a branch of Magick that deals in stone. Its color is brown, and its familiar is the Golem. Its Keeper and source is Ganseko.


Earth Magick is the Magick of stones and bludgeoning attacks.

Known Earth Magick AttacksEdit

  • Rock Slide (rocks rain onto foe)
  • Rock Throw (hurls a big rock at the fow)
  • Bladequake (sword is used to trigger earthquake)
  • Stone Circle (rocks circle user, acting as damage shield)
  • Behemoth Hammer (powerful Earth Magick attack)

Known UsersEdit


  • Stone Circle is a magic attack used by Charlotte Aulin in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.
  • Both Rock Slide and Rock Throw are Pokemon attacks.
  • Behemoth Hammer is named after the Biblical monster Behemoth.

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