Overview Edit


Dynalfos are stronger relatives of Lizalfos and are similar in appearance but larger with more violent-looking features, bodies covered in spines, and heavier black armor. They attack with martial weapons and fire breath. Unlike their Lizalfos relatives, Dynalfos tend to travel alone and territorially mark hunting grounds with totems or tree markings. A mutation of Dynalfos exists that is larger with a bulkier frame.

Though often seen in a stooped position, Dynalfos stand taller and much broader than a man: up to seven or eight feet tall, often as large as a Moblin. Dynalfos have thick, scaly hides and a large prehensile tail, and usually range from green, to blue, to black in color. Larger mutations possess a bony flat crest protecting the top of their heads as well. Dynalfos rarely die of old age, as they live for an unknown amount of time; most fall in combat.

The Dynalfos are a primal and territorial race of reptilian beings. It is believed that they were native to the Death Mountain range, though they have spread throughout the Dark Woods and can be found as far south as Ordona Province. A simple people, the Dynalfos enjoy a simple life. They also enjoy starting fights with non-reptilian beings. Regardless of their violent tendencies, the Dynalfos do not fight out of hatred or a need to conquer, they simply think fighting is a way to show that you respect your neighbor. Naturally this is backwards to many people, and as such the Dynalfos are considered by many to be a threat in need of extermination.

Combat Edit

Dynalfos excel with the use of swords and shields and as such they are usually found weilding them in close-quarters combat, while they utilize their fire breath on more distant opponents. If their target is too far away for their fire breath, Dynalfos may charge head-first at their opponent to knock him/her off balance.

Dynalfos are adept fighters, able to use their own predatory bodies to lash out with claws and teeth if no weapon is at hand. While Dynalfos are by no means stupid or dull, they are completely devoted to their role as hunters and warriors, and the dialect of the Draconic language they use reflects this. Dynalfos may not know the words to express many abstract concepts, or complex social interactions, however they have many words for different types of warfare, and are able to execute difficult military maneouvers with expert timing, which would baffle lesser warriors.


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