Overview Edit

The Deku Baba is a species of carnivorous plant famous for their short temper, feisty attitude, and their production of Deku Stick, Deku Nuts, and Deku Seeds upon defeat. Deku Babas thrive in forested areas where other Deku species, such as Deku Scrubs and Deku Trees, usually preside. Deku Babas rarely exist alone, and it is very common to find a thriving patch of them in heavily forested areas. While these plants flourish in forest regions, they have been known to grow in unlikely habitats such as stony areas.

Deku Babas are very vicious in nature and are relentless in attacking. A Deku Baba will not hesitate to headbutt, bite, and spray toxic spores at animals entering its territory. Sometimes, a Deku Baba will stand upright, using its thorned stalk to protect itself while twirling madly.

Gold Deku Baba Edit


The Gold Deku Baba is a rare mutation of Deku Baba that possesses hightened reflexes and physical resistance. Their Deku Nuts and Deku Seeds are highly sought after as potion ingredients, and their Deku Sticks are far tougher than normal.

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