Name: Darvus

Nick Names: Hero Of Power, Red General, Goron Savior, Twili Strength

Gender: Male

Species: Hylian

Age:LoR;13, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF;14

Weight: LoR;120lbs, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF, 130lbs

Height: LoR;5'5, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF; 5'7

DOB: 1st Day Of Light

Birth Place: Hyrule, Death Mountain

Residence: Hyrule Castle Town

Occupation: Hyrule's Protector, Destroyer Of Evil

Marital Status: None

Known Relatives: Goron Family, Malon(Wife), Raylene(Daughter), Din(Mother), Relyt, Argorok, Vio(Cousin)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical Description

Eye Color: Red

Eye Wear: None

Hair Style: Short and Messy

Bust: N/A

Waist: N/A


Shirt: Band Shirts

Pants: Black Semi-Tight Pants

Shoes: Brown Boots or Casual Hi-tops

Socks: Black

Coat: Red Coat With A Couple Patches And A Symbol Painted On The Back


Necklace: A wooden wire with Malon's pendant she got from her mother

Ring: None

Bag: None

Glasses/Contact container: None

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color: Red And Black

Favorite Food: Pizza

Likes: Training, Malon, Fire, Working, Heat, Peace

Dislikes: The Cold, Evil, Jerks

Favorite Activities: Training In Goron Mines

Least Favorite Activities: Tests, Homework,

Hobbies: Training

Talents: Sword Dueling

Strengths: Fire, Malon, Goron Mines

Weakness:Malon Crying, Hurt Animals, Anyone In Pain Or Suffering

Fears: Falling Down A Bottemless Pit

Rival: None

Enemies: Nayru, Din, Ganondorf, Onox, Ilia, Zant, Dark Hammer, Nightmare, Veran, Bellum

Friends: Argorok, Relyt, Vio, Saria, Ark, Stephani, Marie, Favii, Lena, Ramone, Malon, Linket, Gaizar, Aryll, Midna, Gigi, Alex, Zander, Vaati, Majora, Farore


More To Come


Greviuos, His Horse

Fighting StyleEdit

Attacks: Remember to describe what the attack does

Weapons: Biggoron Sword, Red Hylian Shield, Grappling Hook, Darunai's Handmade Sword, Gorono Stone, Iron Boots

Back StoryEdit

Here you can write a long description of your character's back story!

Time LineEdit

More To Come

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