Race Unknown, possibly a Fierce Demon
Home Land unknown
Date of death hasn't happened yet
Height 8'7"
Hair Color Dark Grey
Eye Color Blood red
Gender Male
Weapon of choice Helix of Darkness
Birth unknown
Skin Color Black
Protection His own power, his black tunic, flexible, leathery armor, his indestructible Sword.

Darkius is a Demon from the Story, The Legend of Zelda: Darkius. He is a demonic, powerful creature resembling the Fierce Deity. He cannot be defeated by Link alone, whether he has the strongest blade ever or not. Due to a prophecy explaining Darkius would be defeated by Link, he became the very one that murdered Link's parents at Lake Hylia and the Lost Woods, and was sealed away in a tree, which allowed Link to be saved by Navi and adopted by the Kokiri. Sometime after the events of the story Xentore, He shattered the seal and leaped out of the tree he was imprisoned in. As soon as he escaped, he continued his hunt for the Hero of Time. At the end of Darkius, he assumes multiple forms before taking his true/normal form. After a sword fight, Darkius is defeated by the heroes when they blow him off his own tower when they unleash their true strength. He returns later in The Legend of Zelda:Shadius, where he is revived by his brother, Shadius, and is used as a pawn for his master plan. Darkius lets Shadius use his army and castle, but in the end, discovers the truth, and kills Shadius. Darkius tells Link and his friends why he was trying to kill him. Immediately after explaining, Darkius attacked Link and his friends, still hoping to prevent the prophecy. Despite being defeated again, Darkius survived this time, and later appeared in The Fire God, where he became an unexpected ally. Darkius was presumed to be destroyed when he destroyed the castle of Flamius, a supporting antagonist. His fate currently remains unknown.



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