Darkius' Castle Edit

Darkius was carrying Malon with him, and, after getting sick of hearing her complaints, knocked her out, then continued scaling his castle. He reached the top of the highest tower, and ties Malon to a part of the Tower, which was sticking out of the side of the tower's top.

Behind Hyrule Castle Edit

Link and Leank, riding on Epona, with Skull kid riding on his Deku horse raced behind behind Hyrule Castle, with Navi, Tatl, and Tael following close behind. They saw a black castle in the distance, and continued with their Journey.
"I'm SO hungry, can't we eat someth-"*a fried Cucco wing is flung into his face*
"There, he can munch on that as we go."
The 8, including Epona and the Deku Horse, stopped in front of a black castle, with flames on some parts. It appeared to have an all night-and-rain curse on it, as Link had once heard rumors of a castle that never stops raining and never goes bright.
"So who watches the horses?"
"Allow me."
The 6 turn around and see the Darknut the Temple of Time looking down at them.
"How are we supposed to trust you?" said Link, Leank, and Skull kid at the same time.
"I am not allies with evil, I am here merely because I hate it. I may have served evil at first, as I tried to kill you, Hero of Twilight, but I was merely wounded, and the last blow you delivered to me allowed me to snap out of it."
"Snap out of what?"
"I was brainwashed by Ganondorf. Now I know what I was doing, and didn't bother to follow you as I didn't want you to kill me. I will guard your horses. If you are wondering how I got here, Hero of Twilight, I followed you into a portal, but ended up in the Temple of Time for some strange reason, and had some trouble getting through Castle Town because I was getting beat or pelted by steaming hot Cucco or pans. But enough of that, I wish to help you guys."
The 6 bowed, and left their trust in the Darknut. They entered the Dark Castle.

They have to break barriers, similar to OOT, so I will break each mini temple into one chapter. Click here for Chapter 7

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