South Hyrule Field Edit

Darkius was dragging Malon across South Hyrule Field. He saw an explosion at Hyrule Castle, then went to check it out.

Western Hyrule Field Edit

The Hero of Time, the Hero of Twilight, Epona, Tatl, Skull kid, Tael, and Navi were running through Western Hyrule Field towards Kakariko Village. There, they stop at an Inn, the Blue Cauldron (Once again, all the credit for the name of the Inn goes to Zelda311, I do not claim ownership to anything that belongs to him).

Blue Cauldron Edit

They asked for a Medium room, and a good place to put Epona for the night.
"Well guys and gals, time for bed. Hopefully I find out who this 'Darkius' is."

Hero of Time's dream Edit

Link was running through a castle, and found dark versions of enemies he had encountered before. He defeated them with lots of effort, and jumped out a window to avoid a Darknut, who was throwing multiple swords at him. As he climbed to the top of the tower, he saw through the rain a pair of Red eyes, and two Golden symbols below them, one looking like a Crescent Moon. It raised a Double Helix Sword, and lightning striked it, and the tower lit up some more. Link saw a Demonic version of the Fierce Deity. He was wearing black armor, a dark sword in his hand, red eyes, basically everything that would make him look eviler than the Fierce Deity. He slashed his sword in a familiar pattern, and Link, even though it did not touch him, was sent flying into a wall sticking out of the tower, and it broke off slowly. Link was at the Demon's mercy, and quickly pulled one of his swords out, but the Demon knocked it out of Link's hand. It then kicked Link in the face, and he fell off the tower. Just before he hit the ground, he remembered who the Demon was: Darkius.

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