Bottom of Darkius' Castle Edit

Link, Leank, Skull kid, Navi, Tatl, and Tael were now at the entrance of Darkius' Castle. They saw the Darknut assigned to protect the horses earlier, waiting for them. The Darknut, Epona, and the Deku Horse were all surrounded by a batch of Dead Shadow Bokoblins.
"Ah, just in time. See? Told ya I am not evil."
"Come celebrate with us."
The Darknut called his horse, Link, Leank and Malon got on Epona, Skull kid got on his Deku Horse.

Hyrule Field, Kokiri Forest, and Castle Town Edit

They rode off to Kokiri Forest, and they took the Kokiri with them to Hyrule Castle Town (somehow not dying from leaving the forest), where everybody celebrated the defeat of Darkius and the return of peace to Hyrule. After the celebration, a portal was created that allowed others to travel between Timelines for Link and Leank to see each other whenever they wanted. Link and Leank's friends from Ordon and the other places were then introduced to each other, and those people even celebrated with each other. At the end, everyone returned to their original timeline, but the portal remained open.

Bottom of Darkius' Castle Edit

There was a pile of wreckage at the bottom of the castle. A hand slowly reached out of it, and its palm turned to the viewer/reader/screen, and a whip shot out of it. everything turned dark, and said:


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