The main Barrier Room Edit

Link, Leank, and Navi were eating some nice leftover Kakariko Fried Cucco, enjoying themselves, then Skull kid, Tatl and Tael appeared right next to them.
"Can I have some?"
Link took some fried Cucco out of his bag and gaves it to Skull kid.
After a while of eating and watching the barrier die out, Link labeled the remaining Fried Cucco and put it in his bag. Link, Leank, Tatl, Tael, Navi, and Skull kid then got up and walked through the now unsealed door.

Staircase leading to the top Edit

Link, Leank, Skull kid, Navi, Tatl, and Tael entered a room with a very long staircase leading up the tower. There were multiple doors, and there wasn't be much time to go through all the doors to check, so they broke one of the windows, and climbed out the window to climb the tower on the outside. As soon as they were about to climb, a Darknut, the same one from Link's dream ran down the staircase and threw his sword at them. Skull kid threw a bomb at him, and the friends continued to climb up the tower.

Final Challenge Edit

They reached a balcony with a staircase that led to the top, and a demonic, winged creature flew above them, screeching. Its wings disappeared, and it landed in front of the 6, and changed shape. It turned into Jolmara, and he screeched again. He jumped away from them, and swung his whips at the 6. Link fired a light arrow at him, and Jolmara jumped off the tower. The objective was to scale the outside staircase and keep Jolmara at bay. Right before they reached the very top of the tower, Jolmara ambushed them, and grabbed Link. Skull kid jumped at Jolmara, who dropped Link back onto the staircase, and Skull kid and Jolmara both fell off the tower.

This story is getting better and darker by the minute. Click here for Chapter 11.

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